Kefauver Time Line

Month Date Year Ref City Description Reference Type Senators Counsel
1 5 1950 KC Washington Dem Tennessee Senatoe Estes Kefauver asks Senate to investigate organized interstate gambling T010650
2= 15 1950 KC Washington President Truman p= ledged unqualified support today to a country-wide campaign against organized cr= ime. Plans for the campaign were drawn later after an all-day meeting of Feder= al, state and municipal law enforcement officers. T021650
2<= /td> 27 1950 KC Washington The Senate Judicia= ry Committee today unanimously approved a proposed $100,000 Congressional investigation of alleged national crime syndicates and their reported "influence" in big-city government. T022850
2= 27 1950 KC Washington Although EK wanted probe of gambling, Senate recomme= nds investigation of all interstate crimes T022850
3<= /td> 23 1950 KC Washington The Senate Rules C= ommittee authorized by unanimous vote today a $50,000 inquiry into organized crimp= to be undertaken by the Senate Judiciary Committee. T032450
4<= /td> 1 1950 KC Washington SENATORS PLAN INQU= IRY INTO VAST NET OF CRIME; Investigators Will Seek the Source of Racketeers' Tremendous Profits "Alarming Proportions" Scope Is Broadened Ma= ny Recommendations T040250
4= 8 1950 KC Washington A limited study of= gambling and crime, especially in the big cities, was projected by a Senate Inters= tate and Foreign Commerce subcommittee today as a possible alternative to a mo= re far-reaching Congressional investigation demanded under pending resolutio= ns. T040950
4= 10 1950 KC Washington Senafor Scott W. L= ucas, Democrat of Illinois, Democratic Floor Leader, moved today to consolidate various proposals for inquiries into crime, gambling and kindred subjects= in a single investigation by a special committee appointed for the purpose.<= /td> T041150
4= 11 1950 KC Washington The Senate Democra= tic policy committee decided today to create a special committee of five to conduct "a full, extensive and fair investigation of crime syndicates operat= ing in interstate commerce" in the United States. T041250
4<= /td> 12 1950 KC Washington The Republican pol= icy committee of the Senate decided today to oppose Democratic plans for a national crime investigation by a special committee of five members. T041350
4= 13 1950 KC Washington President Truman d= isclosed today that he himself had started a nationwide inquiry into rackets opera= ting in interstate commerce. He said he had instructed J. Howard McGrath, the Attorney General, to use Federal grand juries in several of the large cit= ies for the purposes of investigations on the spot. T041450
4= 13 1950 KC Washington EK drafts resolution for Senate Judiciary Com. askin= g for $150,000 and to end 1-31-1951 T041450
4= 14 1950 KC Washington EK's $150,000 crime inquiry approved by the Democrat= ic leadership T041550
4= 14 1950 KC Washington EK says committee will visit several cities, includi= ng Kansas City, to conduct on-spot crime surveys T041550
4<= /td> 17 1950 KC Washington CRIME SYNDICATES D= ENIED BY M'GRATH; He Doubts Nation-Wide Setup as Senate Group Studies Inquiry on Gambling Open Mind" Inquiry Planned Protection for Newspapers Slot Machine Ban Favored T041850
4= 17 1950 KC Washington Senator Ernest W. = McFarland, Democrat of Arizona, announced today that the Commerce subcommittee of wh= ich he is chairman would hear on Thursday a number of New York City officials= on the subject of bookmakers' activities. T041850
4= 29 1950 KC Washington Senator Homer E. C= apehart, Republican of Indiana, said today a Senate investigation had produced evidence that America's big-time gamblers were bound together in a loose = and unofficial working arrangement. T043050
5<= /td> 1 1950 KC Washington Telephone and tele= graph companies protested today against proposed legislation to make illegal the interstate transmission of gambling information. T050250
5<= /td> 2 1950 KC Washington Continental Press = Service of Cleveland took in $2,366,648.99 for its "flash" racing news last year, officials of the company told a Senate Commerce subcommittee today.= T050350
5<= /td> 3 1950 KC Washington The Senate approve= d today, 69 to 1, an inquiry into interstate crime, as Administration leaders push= ed through their resolution to set up a special committee to conduct the inq= uiry T050450
5= 6 1950 KC Washington EK claims Senate crime decision has led big city pol= ice officials to clamp down on gambling T050750
5<= /td> 8 1950 KC Washington The Democratic lea= dership in the Senate has decided on the composition of the recently authorized spec= ial committee to investigate nationwide organized crime and its influence on political organizations T050950
5<= /td> 8 1950 KC Washington The 5 Senators sel= ected for the committee were Estes Kefauver TN (D); Herbert O'Conor MD (D); Lester C Hunt WY (D); Alexander Wiley WI, (R ) & Charles W Tobey NH (R ) T050950
5<= /td> 10 1950 Washington Vice President Bar= kley appointed today the five members of the special Senate committee that will conduct a nation-wide investigation of organized crime and its influence = on political organizations. In announcing his appointees, Mr. Barkley emphas= ized that he had not consulted President Truman in the matter. T051150
5= 11 1950 Washington The new Senate crime-investigating committee will turn its first attention to the narcot= ics traffic and its possible corrupting influences on political organizations, its members decided at their organization meeting today. T051250
5= 12 1950 Washington Committee interviews Rudloph Halley and Phiilip C Da= vis of Chicago for legal staff positions T051350
5<= /td> 13 1950 Washington EK announced today= the appointment of Rudolph Halley, New York lawyer, as chief counsel for the = unit to function during its forthcoming inquiry. T051450
5= 17 1950 Washington EK announces appointment of Harold G. Robinson as Ch= ief Investigator for the KC T051750
5= 17 1950 Washington New Board of Police Commissioners in Kansas City off= er their support to KC T051750
5= 18 1950 Washington EK said the Senate= Crime Investigating Committee, of which he is chairman, would start its inquiry= by delving into the extent of concentration of money, property and wealth in= the hands of gamblers, racketeers and criminals. T051950
5<= /td> 20 1950 Washington Investments "= in legitimate business by gangsters and mobsters" were proposed today by Senator Alexander Wiley, Republican of Wisconsin, as an initial target for Senate crime investigators. T052150
5<= /td> 26 1950 Miami Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, started his countrywide investigation into crime today at a se= cret hearing in the Federal building here. T052750 Executive hearing
5<= /td> 27 1950 Miami Senate Crime inves= tgators concluded a two-day secret hearing here late today and revealed they had examined the Florida activities of Frank Erickson T052850 Executive hearing
5<= /td> 27 1950 Washington A Senate subcommit= tee has requested the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia to determine whether Frank Erickson, New York bookmaker, committed perjury w= hile testifying before it and, if so, to "take appropriate action."<= /td> T052850 Interstate & For= eign Commerce Comm
5= 29 1950 New York District Attorney = Frank Hogan moved yesterday to obtain possession of the New Jersey bank account= s of Joe Adonis, his wife and son, and sought to compel the appearance before = the grand jury here of Frank Erickson's New Jersey accountant. T053050
5<= /td> 29 1950 Washington EK turned up evide= nce in Miami that should help Frank S. Hogan, New York District Attorney, in his grand jury investigation of the gambling activities of Frank Erickson. T053050
5= 30 1950 Washington Officials disclose that gambling links to Florida are coming from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles T053150
5= 31 1950 New York Frank Erickson, th= e gambler who admitted to a Senate subcommittee last April 28 that his business flaunted the laws of every state, was named yesterday by a New York County grand jury in a sixty-count criminal information charging conspiracy and bookmaking. T060150
6<= /td> 1 1950 Washington President to Open = Tax Files Of Gamblers to Crime Inquiry; President Will Give Crime Inquiry Access to Gamblers' Tax Returns T060250
6<= /td> 2 1950 New York Frank Erickson tri= ed yesterday in Supreme Court to forestall use of evidence from "leads" supplied by his seized financial records and testimony = he gave April 28 before a Senate subcommittee in Washington. T060350
6= 2 1950 Washington KC asks Western Union for help in nation-wide crime syndicate by freezing its message files T060350
6= 3 1950 New York The third May gran= d jury, whose term has been extended, will seek to learn tomorrow the ramificatio= ns of Florida gambling operations that seemingly tie in Frank Erickson, the bookmakers' bookmaker, with top underworld figures across the country. T060450
6<= /td> 4 1950 New York Records of Frank E= rickson's participation in additional gambling house ventures have been uncovered in Florida, it was learned here yesterday. T060550
6= 6 1950 Washington A highly organized= combine that is directing a nation-wide narcotics ring with inter-related interes= ts in gambling, counterfeiting, white slavery and extortion, was described t= oday to the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. T060750
6<= /td> 8 1950 Washington The Federal Commun= ications Commission requested the Western Union Telegraph Company yesterday to keep messages, which it would otherwise destroy, for possible use by the KC T060950
6= 12 1950 Washington KC says it is investigating a link between Costello,= the Mafia and narcotics T061350
6= 13 1950 Washington KC members heard c= losed-door testimony today from William Molasky of St. Louis, who has been described= as an "overlord" of racing news distribution. The committee also h= ad the books of his company, the Pioneer News Service, Inc. T061450
6= 14 1950 Washington Counterfeiting of = American dollars both here and abroad has increased to such proportions that more = than $100,000 of illegal currency is being spotted and seized every month by t= he United States Secret Service, Congressional testimony disclosed today. T061550
6<= /td> 14 1950 Washington Frank Seltzer, a H= ollywood film producer, told KC last week that Las Vegas gambling interests kept h= im out of Las Vegas T061550
6<= /td> 17 1950 Washington Federal income-tax= files and other confidential data were made available by President Truman today to = the special Senate committee investigating crime. T061850
6<= /td> 18 1950 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators are checking into possible interstate connections of local "numbers" rackets that feed on the pennies and nickels of count= less "small fry" betters. T061950
6= 22 1950 Washington Wayne Coy, chairma= n of the Federal Communications Commission, suggested today that Continental Press Service, of Cleveland, could be prosecuted under the anti-trust laws for alleged monopolistic practices in its distribution of "flash" racing news to selected clients around the country. T062350
6= 23 1950 Washington James V. Bennett, = director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, urged the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today to make a study of the means by which gang leaders in the country recruit their forces and enforce order in their mobs. T062450
6<= /td> 24 1950 Washington KC lined up witnes= ses for secret hearings on alleged links between gamblers from Florida, New York = and New Jersey T062550
6= 28 1950 Washington Edward H. Foley Jr= ., Under Secretary of the Treasury, told the KC today that it was becoming increasingly difficult to convict bigtime gangsters and other criminals f= or income tax evasion, the method that put many top gangsters in prison duri= ng the 1930s. T062950
7= 3 1950 Washington Through a loan des= cribed by Senators as a fantastic transaction, the Reconstruction Finance Corporati= on has put the Government indirectly into the gambling business, according to testimony today before a Senate subcommittee investigating lending polici= es of the Federal agency. T070450
7= 6 1950 Washington Virgil W. Peterson= told the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that organized crime in the Un= ited States was controlled by an alliance in which the principal partners were= the Frank Costello ring in New York and the syndicate in Chicago that fell he= ir to the underworld empire of Al Capone. T070750
7<= /td> 7 1950 Washington KC received today a confidential list of some eighty companies, engaged in legitimate busines= s, in which gangsters and racketeers were believed to have substantial owner= ship interests. T070850
7= 12 1950 Washington The Senate committ= ee investigating organized crime in interstate commerce announced today that= the facilities and files of the Police Department of New York City had been placed at its disposal by Mayor William O'Dwyer. T071350
7= 13 1950 Miami The Senate crime investigating subcommittee heard evidence today, in the form of a recorded telephone conversation, that Claude A. Renshaw, City Manager of Miami Bea= ch, on what gambling rackets could operate <= /span> T071450 Open hearing Hunt Kefauver Halley
7<= /td> 14 1950 Miami James Alexander Su= llivan, Sheriff of Dade County, spent most of today explairing to the Senate crime investigating subcommittee the financial prosperity that had rewarded his five years in that office. T071550 Open hearing Hunt Kefauver Halley
7= 15 1950 Miami The Senate crime investigating subcommittee established today that Walter Clark, Sheriff of Broward County, just north of here, is a onethird partner in a firm which engages in the bolita, or numbers, business and holds Federal licenses for slot and pinball machines T071650 Open hearing Hunt Kefauver Halley
7<= /td> 18 1950 St. Louis GAMBLING INQUIRY M= OVES TO MISSOURI; Senate Hearing Is Informed of Operations on Both Sides of the Mississippi Policy Operator Testifies Wire Men Got Commission Kefauver Names Carro= ll T071950 Open hearing Kefauver
7= 19 1950 Kansas City The Senate Crime Investigating Committee heard today some details of the murder here last spring of Charles Binaggio and Charles Gargotta, active in local Democrat= ic politics and associated with the underworld. T072050 Executive Session Kefauver Goldschein
7<= /td> 20 1950 Kansas City Echoes of the stol= en ballots of 1947 and of the murder of Charles Binaggio, last April 5 were heard at= the Senate crime investigating committee's hearing today. T072150 Open hearing Tobey Kefauver
7= 27 1950 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee warned racketeers today that it intended to keep a sharp eye on any attempted entry into black market activities during the economic dislocations that might result from the Korean campaign. T072850
7<= /td> 31 1950 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators soon will broaden their inquiry to include underworld operations in California and Pennsylvania T080150
8<= /td> 5 1950 Miami Four court-appoint= ed raiders today seized records of the S. and G. Syndicate for use by the Dade County grand jury in a conspiracy investigation. T080650
8= 7 1950 Miami Gov. Fuller Warren today ordered a thirty-day deadli= ne on Florida gambling. T080850
8<= /td> 7 1950 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee will resume public hearings here Wednesday on gambling in Florida, with four "missing" witnesses due to testi= fy, it was announced today. T080750
8= 9 1950 Washington Miami William H. Johnsto= n, president of Sportsman's Park, a horse race track near Chicago, and of fo= ur Florida dog tracks, told Senate investigators today how he turned over ab= out $100,000 to the 1948 campaign of Gov. Fuller Warren of Florida. T080950 Open hearing Hunt Wiley Kefauver<= /td> Halley
8<= /td> 14 1950 New York Organized gambling= in war plants, which went on in full fever during World War II, is getting speci= al attention from Federal investigators now that arms production is again of major importance. Preliminary hearing<= /td> Halley
8<= /td> 15 1950 New York Seven witnesses questioned about gambling in Wright Aeronautical Corp plants in Northern New Jersey T081650 Preliminary hearing<= /td> Halley
8= 18 1950 New York SENATORS WILL SIFT= SUGAR BLACK MARKET in New York City before and after the war T081850
8= 18 1950 Washington Interim = Report submitted The Senate Crime Investigating Committee today reported that, so far, its inquiry had established that organized crime existed on a large scale in the United States and that it exercised a corrupting influence in many places on pub= lic officials. T081950
8= 20 1950 Washington SENATE INQUIRY TURNS TO BLACK, GRAY MARTS in and aro= und New York City T082150
8<= /td> 22 1950 Washington An intricate desig= n of black marketeering in sugar in New York in 1945 was drawn for the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today by the main participants. T082350 Open hearing Tobey Kefauver Halley
8= 24 1950 New York The Port of New Yo= rk Authority disclosed yesterday that it had asked the Senate Crime Investigating Committee to delve into a trucking concern's efforts to get long-term control of the Authority's new and unoccupied terminal in Newar= k at a "ridiculously low" rental. T082550
8= 25 1950 Newark The Senate Crime Investigating Committee headed by Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee began yesterday a preliminary investiga= tion of the attempt by the Peoples Express Company of Newark to get long-term control of the Port of New York Authority's union terminal in Newark. T082650 Preliminary hearing<= /td> Halley
9<= /td> 5 1950 Chicago SENATE SUBPOENA DE= FIED; Former Capone Aide Paul Ricca Refuses to Accept Kefauver Summons T090650
9<= /td> 7 1950 Chicago Three former Capone associates will go to Washington to testify - Charles Gioe. Louis Campagna and Paul Ricca T090850
9<= /td> 9 1950 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators heard evidence today that many members of the old Al Capone gang still are operating in Chicago, and elsewhere. T091050 Executive Session Kefauver
9<= /td> 11 1950 Washington Senator Alexander = Wiley, Republican of Wisconsin, called today for a Senate investigation of the appointment of Morris A. Shenker, St. Louis lawyer, as a Democratic party fund raiser. T091250
9= 12 1950 Jefferson City Morris A. Shenker = of St. Louis, a lawyer whose clients include several who are being investigated = by the Senate Crime Investigation Committee, declined appointment today to t= he Democratic National Finance Committee. T091350
9<= /td> 19 1950 Washington Chicago / Miami ga= mbler Harry Russell takes the Fifth when questioned by Halley. The committee gi= ve him until Friday, Sept. 22 to come back and testify or be cited. T092050 Open hearing Wiley Kefauver Halley
9<= /td> 20 1950 Chicago Chicago officials,= including some Democrats up for re-election in November, are sitting on a powder keg that the Senate Crime Investigating Committee could explode at its hearin= gs next week. T092150
9= 22 1950 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee voted today to ask Congress to certify contempt proceedings against Harry Russell after his repeated refusals to answer questions about bookmaking operations in Miami aid Chicago. T092350 Open hearing Wiley Kefauver
9= 23 1950 Washington The Senate unanimo= usly voted a contempt citation against Harry Russell, Chicago racketeer, today, for refusing to tell its crime investigators about his alleged ties with the = old Capone gang and the S & G gambling syndicate in Miami. T092450
9= 26 1950 Chicago Chicago Crime Study Linked to 2 Murders - Drury and = Bas T093050
9= 28 1950 Kansas City The Senate Crime Investigating Committee heard testimony today that Charles Binaggio, local gambler and politician, may have had $12,000 in his pocket the night he w= as killed last April. The murder is still unsolved. T092950 Open hearing Wiley Kefauver
9= 29 1950 Kansas City Governor Forrest S= mith testified before the special Senate crime investigating committee that he= had maintained only distant political relations with Charles Binaggio, gambler and political faction leader who was murdered here last April 6. T093050 Open hearing Wiley Kefauver Halley
9<= /td> 30 1950 Kansas City EK gave this once = gangridden community a clean bill of civic health at the conclusion today of the Sen= ate Crime Investigating Committee's hearings here. T100150 Open hearing Wiley Kefauver
1= 0 2 1950 Chicago $21,000 IN BAS' SAFE BOX; Slain Chicago Lawyer's Aff= airs Sifted--Crime Inquiry Nears T100350
1= 0 3 1950 Chicago Paul Ricca and Lou= is Campagna, paroled from a Federal penitentiary in 1947, were back in jail tonight. They were to be held while State's Attorney John S. Boyle checks= on their accounts of what they were doing the night William Drury and Marvin= J. Bas, a lawyer, were murdered. T100450
1= 0 3 1950 Washington Republican strateg= ists, hopeful of recapturing the Senate, are depending heavily on recent crime disclosures in New York City, Chicago and Kansas City to carry them to victory in three otherwise tight Senate races. T100450
1= 0 3 1950 New York KEFAUVER TO SEE MURPHY; He= ad of Senate Inquiry Group Plans Talk in Two Weeks T100450
1= 0 5 1950 Chicago The Senate Crime Investigating Committee has set in motion an international manhunt for th= ree members of the current Capone gang whom it believes to be dodging its subpoenas. The men were identified as Anthony Accardo, Charles and Rocco Fischetti. T100650
10= 5 1950 Chicago The committee hear= s state and municipal officials outline their problems of law enforcement T100650 Executive Session Kefauver Halley
10= 6 1950 Calumet City An investigating "binge" by Senate Crime Committee agents here produced subpoenas and a hearing today for a policeman, a dice game operator and two of his employes. T100750
1= 0 6 1950 Chicago Senator Estes Kefauver, its chairm= an, announced here tonight that the Senate Crime Investigating Committee would start closed hearings in New York Wednesday. The hearings, he stated, wou= ld cover the New York-New Jersey area. T100750 Executive Session Kefauver Halley
10= 7 1950 Chicago The Senate Crime Investigating Committee suspended its hearings in Chicago today in favor = of a preliminary survey of illegal activities in the area of New York and New Jersey. Closed hearings will be held in New York City next Wednesday and Thursday, followed by similar sessions in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday. T100850 Executive Session Kefauver Halley
1= 0 8 1950 Washington Child to Senator Kefauver<= /font>, Wife T100950
1= 0 11 1950 New York The committee held= an executive session at the US Court House in New York City. Members inquired about open gambling in Saratoga and Bergen County, New Jersey. Meyer Lans= ky appeared before the committee. T101250 Executive Session Tobey Kefauver
1= 0 12 1950 New York Meyer Lansky, close associate of Charles (Lucky Luciano) Lucania and Frank Costello, refused yesterday to answer "pertinent" questions on the New York-New Jersey gambling situation before the Senate Crime Investigation Committee. The committee will recommend that he be cited for contempt. T101350 Executive Session Tobey Kefauver
10= 12 1950 Trenton Kefauver travelled= to the State Prison in Trenton to question Michael Guarini, a New Jersey gambler serving time. T101350 Executive Session Kefauver Halley
1= 0 12 1950 KC Miami George Patton, for= mer sheriff's deputy in charge of raids on handbooks, who was in Office of Strategic Services agent during the war, was put under twenty-four-hour g= uard in a secret hiding place today after testifying about Florida gambling be= fore a grand jury. T101350
1= 0 12 1950 Philadelphia Appearing on a rad= io program in Philadelphia, Kefauver claimed that Lucky Luciano was receiving large = sums of money from sources in the United Staes and that he still has his finge= r in the United States crime picture. T101350
1= 0 13 1950 Philadelphia The Senate Crime Investigating Committee will be asked to cite Harry Stromberg, better kno= wn au "Nig" Rosen, for contempt of the Senate for refusing to answ= er questions concerning his connections with gambling. T101450 Executive Session O'Conor Kefauver Halley
10= 14 1950 Philadelphia Revelations report= edly made by three key witnesses before the Senate crime investigating committee to= day threw the Philadelphia Police Department into a turmoil from top to botto= m. T101550 Executive Session O'Conor Kefauver Halley
10= 16 1950 Chicago Disclosure that a = former associate of Al Capone was employed at Sportsman's Park Race Track in suburban Cicero brought quick action today from the Illinois Racing Board= . T101750
10= 17 1950 Chicago Capt. Dan Gilbert,= chief investigator for the Cook County state's attorney's office since 1932 and Democratic candidate for county sheriff, told the Senate Crime Investigat= ing committee today that he amassed his $360,000 fortune by speculating in st= ocks and grains, and promised to submit his books to the Chicago Crime Commiss= ion. T101850 Executive Session Kefauver
10= 17 1950 Philadelphia Police Inspector C= raig D. Ellis, commander of the vice squad for ten years, shot and killed himself today a few hours after being ordered to appear before a special Federal grand jury investigating rackets. T101850
1= 0 18 1950 Chicago An intensive inqui= ry into the affairs of the Continental Press Service, a racing wire transmitter formerly operated by the late James M. Ragen, occupied the Kefauver Senate Crime Investigating Committee at the concluding session of its closed hearings = here today. T101950 Executive Session Kefauver
10= 19 1950 Trenton The gambling spotl= ight shifted yesterday from Brooklyn to New Jersey, where State Attorney Gener= al Theodore D. Parsons ordered an investigation of organized betting in Berg= en County. T102050
1= 0 25 1950 Albany Albany Prosecutor = Refuses Request Of Labor Party for Hanley Inquiry; Erway Says McManus Plea for Gr= and Jury Investigation of 'Barter in Nominations' Was 'Not Made in Good Faith' The Kefauver Comm ordered an investigation into how Hanley became the Rep= ublican candidate for the Senate T102650
1= 0 23 1950 Chicago ANOTHER CAPONE CAL= LED; Senate Committee Subpoenas Third of the Brothers T102450
1= 0 28 1950 Philadelphia DUFF ISSUES CHALLENGE; Tells Senate Crime and Vote F= raud Groups to Call Him T102950 Political
10= 31 1950 Hackensack Joe Adonis, reputed underworld leader who has been eluding the questioning of Senate crime investigators, surrendered today in the Bergen County gambling inquiry. T103150
1= 1 2 1950 New York Edward Corsi, Repu= blican mayoralty candidate, called last night for an immediate hearing by the Kefauver Senatorial Committee on his charges that his mayoralty rivals, Acting Mayor Impellit= teri and Ferdinand Pecora, had the support of the underworld in the present campaign. T110350 Political Response
11= 2 1950 Hackensack James (Piggy) Lync= h of Palisades Park and Arthur Longano of Englewood, alleged associates of Joe Adonis and Frank Erickson, surrendered to Superior Court Judge J. Wallace Leyden here this morning. They had been sought in warrants issued last week-end at the request of Deputy Attorney General Nelson F. Stamler, who= is directing the state's investigation of gambling in Bergen County. T110350
11= 3 1950 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators today ordered some of the nation's biggest distillers to be ready to tell next week what they know about the underworld's "invasion" of t= he wholesale liquor business. T110450
1= 1 5 1950 Chicago CHICAGO CRIME STUD= Y MAY SWAY ELECTION T110650 Political
1= 1 6 1950 Washington Harry Russell, des= cribed by Senate crime investigators as an agent for Chicago gangsters seeking to "muscle in" on Miami's lucrative gambling business, was indicte= d by a Federal grand jury today for contempt of Congress. T110750
11= 7 1950 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators will seeK contempt-of-Congress citations against Harry Stromberg, reputed Philadelphia gambling boss, and Willie Weisberg, one of his chief lieutenants. T110850
1= 1 8 1950 Washington A number of distil= lers agreed today with the Senate Crime Investigating Committee to study the possibility of excluding known gangsters and criminals from the ranks of their wholesale distributors. A study committee will be established to ma= ke recommendations by Dec. 1. T110950
1= 1 9 1950 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee will look into conditions in the Far West, it was announced here today. Senators Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee; Alexander Wiley, Republican = of Wisconsin, and Charles W. Tobey, Republican of New Hampshire, will hold t= he hearings. T111050
11= 12 1950 Washington SENATORS AGAIN STA= RT ON UNDERWORLD TRAILS; Committee Heads for California in Its Inquiry Into Interstate Crime Interstate Channels Corrective Local Action Civic Commissions T111250
11= 13 1950 Hackensack Joe Adonis and Sal= vatore Moretti, alleged gambling associates of Frank Erickson, failed to honor t= he request of Deputy Attorney General Nelson F. Stamler to appear in his off= ice here this morning. T111350
1= 1 14 1950 Washington Harry Russell, Gambler to Be Tried Jan. 15 T111450
11= 15 1950 Chicago A former policy ga= mbling leader was wounded today as authorities began a search for a new suspect = in the September killing of Detective William Drury. T111650
1= 1 16 1950 Los Angeles The Senate Crime Investigating Committee encountered what it described as something less t= han satisfactory cooperation from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office tod= ay as it opened two days of hearings. T111750
1= 1 17 1950 Los Angeles Michael (Mickey) C= ohen, New Yorkborn former boxer and the most prominent figure of the Los Angeles underworld, gave the fanciest sparring exhibition of his career today dur= ing an all-day interrogation by the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. T111850
11= 18 1950 Los Angeles A conclave of narc= otic traffickers on the Mexican border at the time of the Binaggio-Gargotta slayings in Kansas City last May was described today to the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. T111950
1= 1 21 1950 San Francisco The Senate Crime Investigating Committee questioned David M. Kessel, 56-year-old Rumania-b= orn "business man" of the San Francisco Bay area, for two hours tod= ay and voted promptly to cite him for perjury and contempt of the Senate. T112250
11= 22 1950 San Francisco The Senate Crime Investigating Committee today prodded the Internal Revenue Bureau over asserted slowness in prosecuting taxevading criminals. T112350
11= 23 1950 Washington The Commissioner o= f Internal Revenue, George J. Schoeneman, said tonight an "intensive investigation" was already in progress into charges of an alleged pay-off link between racketeers and Federal agents. T112450
11= 23 1950 Toronto Ontario Premier Le= slie Frost said today provincial authorities have received little cooperation from United States law enforcement agencies in efforts to combat vice conditio= ns in Windsor, Ont., opposite Detroit. T112450
1= 1 24 1950 Washington Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, said ton= ight the Internal Revenue Bureau was investigating the income tax returns of Mickey Cohen of Hollywood and three "Big Time" West Coast gambl= ers. T112550
11= 25 1950 Washington Three Internal Rev= enue Bureau employes in California were suspended today in connection with cha= rges linking bureau employer to improper transactions with underworld characte= rs in Nevada and California. T112650
1= 2 1 1950 Washington SENATORS TO HEAR A= DONIS; Committee Will Question Him Here or at Capital Next Week T120250
1= 2 4 1950 Washington Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, asked the President of the Senate today to issue warrants for the arrest of eleven individuals who had evaded his group's subpoenas to testify before it. T120550
12= 6 1950 Washington Joe Adonis, repute= d to be one of the nation's gambling overlords, has been called to testify by the Senate crime investigating committee at public hearings here starting next Tuesday. T120750
1= 2 8 1950 Hackensack ADONIS' BAIL PROTECTED; Judge Lets the Jersey Gambler Testify Before Senate Group T120950
12= 9 1950 Washington CRIME INQUIRY DOES= N'T PAY-- AT LEAST NOT FOR KEFAUVER; Tennessee Senator Faces the Possibility That His Investigation May Be Scuttled Defeat of Lucas Help From Others T121050
12= 12 1950 Washington Joseph Doto, bette= r known as Joe Adonis, refused to tell the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today anything about his business, income, property or associations. T121350
12= 13 1950 Washington An avowed, unasham= ed gambler told the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today a rags-to-riches story that led the Senators to congratulate him on his frankness and assistance= to their inquiry. T121450
12= 17 1950 Chicago The Senate Crime Investigating Committee reported to Washington authorities today that its telephone wires in the Morrison Hotel here had been tapped and asked for a Federal investigation. T121850
1= 2 18 1950 Chicago Tony Accardo and J= ack Guzik, leading figures in the Capone syndicate, last year were in partnership and made a gross income of $271,415.08, the first open hearing of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee in Chicago disclosed today. T121950
1= 2 18 1950 Washington Prosecution of two= dozen persons indicted for contempt of Congress will proceed despite the recent Supreme Court ruling that a witness has the right to refuse to answer questicns concerning Communist party affiliation on the ground of self-incrimination T121950
1= 2 19 1950 Chicago Tom Kelly, operati= ng head of Continental Press Service, nationwide wire service for the distribution of racing news, told the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that Continental was set up to "stay as far as possible from bookmakers." T122050
1= 2 20 1950 Tampa Inquiry Quarters Moved T122050
12= 20 1950 Chicago The Kefauver Senate Crime Committee today heard testimony by the brother of a former bookmaker in Kenosha. Wis., that two Kenosha City Councilmen had demanded $15,000 of the bookmaker, had settled for $7,500,= and had arranged for the bookie to reopen a lucrative crap game in order to m= ake enough money to pay the $7,500. T122150
1= 2 22 1950 Washington More Crime Hearings to Come T122350
12= 23 1950 Washington A large dose of fr= ustration seems to be the Christmas gift of the nation's mobsters to the Senate Cri= me. Investigating Committee. The gangsters stoutly decline to put the finger = on themselves or on one another. T122450
1= 2 29 1950 Chicago Tony Accardo, Missing Witness Surrenders T123050
1= 2 29 1950 Tampa C.M. Beasley, Chie= f of Police of Tampa, told the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that= he believed the Mafia, a Sicilian secret society, was a working crime syndic= ate in the United States and that professional killers were sent around the c= ountry to commit gang assassinations at its order. T123050
1<= /td> 5 1951 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee voted today to recommend that the Senate cite for contempt Anthony J. (Tony) Accardo of Chicago and Joe Doto, alias Joe Ado= nis, of New York. T010651
1= 5 1951 Tampa The Tampa Bar Asso= ciation and the Board of Governors of the Chamber of Commerce today branded last week's hearing here by the special Senate committee investigating crime as "un-American" and "unfair." T010651
1<= /td> 6 1951 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee named seven reluctant witnesses today, besides Joe Adonis and Anthony (Tony) Accardo, whom they will ask the Senate to cite = for contempt of Congress. T010751
1<= /td> 8 1951 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators took the unusual step today of asking the Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms to se= rve subpoenas on nine "missing" witnesses wanted for committee hear= ings in Cleveland next week. T010951
1= 9 1951 Fort Lauderdale Walter Clark, FLORIDA SHERIFF CLEARED; Lottery Case = Is Dropped After Associate Is Acquitted T011051
1<= /td> 11 1951 Washington To curb nation-wid= e rackets and betting rings the Senate Crime Investigating Committee will make spec= ific recommendation for legislation to control wire services disseminating rac= ing information T011251
1= 12 1951 Washington KEFAUVER TO RETURN; Undeci= ded on Calling O'Dwyer When Crime Inquiry Resumes T011351
1= 16 1951 Cleveland The Senate Crime Investigating Committee announced tonight it had enlisted the help of the State Department in tracing three missing witnesses who are believed to h= ave fled to Mexico. Three days of hearings are to open here tomorrow morning.= T011751
1= 17 1951 Cleveland Arthur B. (Mickey)= McBride, owner of the championship Cleveland Browns professional football team, de= nied to the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that he had ever had any acquaintance or association with the Capone gang in Chicago. T011851
1= 18 1951 Cleveland --Thomas Jefferson= McGinty, admitted part owner of a recently closed gambling casino near Cleveland, = told the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that he had joined three other local gamble= rs in investing $800,000 in the Desert Inn at Las Vegas, Nev., where games of chance are legal. T011951
1= 19 1951 Cleveland The Senate Crime Investigating Committee closed its hearings here today and turned its eyes to New York. T011951
1= 20 1951 Washington Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, said today he should not have "directed" The Indianapolis News to stop publishing a crime report which Senator = Kefauver called conf= idential and unverified. T012151
1= 21 1951 Washington Crime Group to 'Invite' Chicago Golf Promoter - Geor= ge S. May T012251
1<= /td> 22 1951 Miami Beach Fear that the Unit= ed States Senate crime committee hearings may result in a ban on interstate movemen= t of racing news was expressed today by the National Association of State Raci= ng Commissioners. T012351
1= 22 1951 Washington Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, asked the Senate today to vote a contempt of Congress citation against Joe Adonis, reputed big-time New York and New Jersey gambler and racketeer. T012351
1= 23 1951 New York Top state and city= officials are expected to testify before the Senate Crime Investigating Committee w= hen it begins inquiring into charges made in the 1950 election campaign of an alliance in this city between crime and politics. T012451
1<= /td> 23 1951 Washington The Senate voted t= oday to cite for contempt eight men who refused to answer questions put to them by its Crime Investigating Committee at hearings in the last several weeks. = The cited witnesses were: T012451
1<= /td> 25 1951 New Orleans The Senate Crime Investigating Committee heard testimony today that New Orleans gamblers t= ried to scribe a churchman by offer of a new Sunday school building. T012551
1= 26 1951 New Orleans The former wife of= Criminal Sheriff John Grosch of Orleans Parish (county) told the Senate Crime Investigation Committee today that he accumulated $50,000 during six year= s, when his salary as a city detective ranged from $186 to $346 a month. T012751
1<= /td> 27 1951 New Orleans A Sheriff and five= gambling figures will be named for contempt citations for refusing to testify befo= re a Senate crime investigating committee hearing that ended early today. T012851
1= 29 1951 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee voted today to seek contempt prosecutions against Frank J. Clancy, Louisiana sheriff, Phil Kastel, New Orleans gambler, and seven other witnesses who refused to answer committee questions. T013051
1= 30 1951 Washington Resigns From Legal Staff Of Senate Crime Inquiry - B= oris Kostelanetz T013151
1<= /td> 31 1951 New Orleans Gambling was close= d down and slot machines removed from establishments in unincorporated sections of adjacent Jefferson Parish (county) today. Sheriff Frank Clancy said the b= an is permanent. T020151
2<= /td> 5 1951 Washington Judge F. Dickinson= Letts, veteran Federal jurist, freed Harry Russell, gambler, today of a contempt= of Congress charge T020651
2<= /td> 6 1951 Washington A subpoena for Jam= es Leary, lawyer who has long been regarded as behind-the-scenes Republican boss of Saratoga County, has been issued by the Senate Crime Investigating Commit= tee. T020751
2<= /td> 7 1951 Washington A repentant Louisi= ana Sheriff promised the Senate Crime Investigating Committee today that he w= ould close all the gambling places in his jurisdiction as soon as he got home.= T020751
2<= /td> 7 1951 Washington A subpoena for Jam= es Leary, lawyer who has long been regarded as behind-the-scenes Republican boss of Saratoga County, has been issued by the Senate = Crime Investigating Committee. T020851
2= 8 1951 Washington Senate Crime Committee Stu= dies Staten Island T020951
2= 8 1951 Detroit Harry H. Bennett, = the late Henry Ford's "strong man," appeared under subpoena today before= the Senate Crime Investigating Committee and denied testimony that he had hired convicted criminals to handle labor "troubles" and other ... T020951
2<= /td> 9 1951 Detroit The Senate Crime Investigating Committee, convinced by testimony it heard in Detroit that public enemies had won "a foothold" in certain key industries h= ere, wound up its hearings today. T021051
2<= /td> 10 1951 Detroit 3 CRIME WITNESSES = ACCUSED IN DETROIT; Perjury Indictments Possible as Result of Testimony Before Senate Group T021151
2= 10 1951 Washington West Coast Inquiry Renewed - Downey Rice T021151
2<= /td> 11 1951 Washington Senate crime inves= tigators said today they might ask Congress to set up a permanent commission to ex= pose big-time criminals whose operations criss-cross state lines. T021251
2<= /td> 12 1951 New York Former Mayor Willi= am O'Dwyer will be a witness at his own request before the Senate Crime Investigating Committee in Manhattan early in March, committee counsel indicated yester= day. T021351
2= 12 1951 Detroit The immediate dism= issal of W. Dean Robinson, president of the Briggs Manufacturing Company, was dema= nded today by Emil Mazey, secretarytreasurer of the United Automobile Workers, C.I.O., in a letter addressed to Walter O. Briggs Sr., the company's boar= d chairman. T021351
= 2 14 1951 New York O'DWYER FRIENDS HE= ARD BY SENATORS IN CRIME INQUIRY; Testimony of Moran and Bals on Racketeer-Politician Ties Called 'Vague and Hazy' NEAL AND STAND TESTIFY Anastasia, Murder Case Figure, Also Is Questioned--Costello Due to Appear Again Today O'Dwyer, Costello Said to Have Met Wrong Anna Paris Called SE= NATE UNIT HEARS O'DWYER FRIENDS Neal and Stand Testify Refuse to Reply on Inco= mes Former Miss Paris Amused Praise Hogan for Aid T021551
2<= /td> 15 1951 New York The Senate Crime Investigating Committee, headed by Estes Kefauv= er of Tennessee, wound up three days of private hearing= s here yesterday in possession of the "life stories" of two men= T021651
2= 17 1951 Washington The top man in a r= ace horse gambling outfit testified today he had paid $200,000 income tax in a "good year" and that his office telephone bills alone had run $3,500 a month. He said he was worth just over $100,000 net. T021851
2<= /td> 19 1951 Washington EX-BOOKIE REPORTS = GIFTS TO DETECTIVE; Nig Rosen Tells Crime Inquiry of Aiding Man Now Official in Philadelphia Police Answers Most Questions Police Official Notified Chauf= feur for Promoter T022051
2<= /td> 20 1951 Washington POLICE AIDE DENIES= GIFTS BY GAMBLER; Philadelphia Official Asserts He Wouldn't Let Nig Rosen Even Converse With Him Calls Stromberg 'Bum' T022151
2<= /td> 21 1951 Washington The Senate ordered= tonight that arrest warrants be issued for seventeen witnesses accused by Senate crime investigators of going into hiding to escape questioning. T022251
2<= /td> 22 1951 Washington Senator Kefauver accused sta= te law enforcement officials today of aiding gamblers and other criminals by jurisdictional buck-passing. T022351
2<= /td> 22 1951 Albany The Crime Investig= ating Committee of the United States Senate has asked the State Senate to furni= sh it with payroll records and other data relating to State Senate employes.= T022351
2= 23 1951 Washington CRIME HUNT DELVES = INTO LEGISLATURE; Counsel for Senate Committee Says He Wants All Members to Furnish Payroll Records CRIME HUNT DELVES INTO LEGISLATURE Pressure for Impellitteri Man T022451
2= 23 1951 St. Louis Testimony before a= Senate Crime Investi= gating Committee hearing today indicated that a nation-wide betting system in th= is area conducted a business of more than $7,000,000 through Western Union facilities.
2<= /td> 24 1951 St. Louis 'Outraged' Over Vi= deo at Hearing, Carroll, Bet Expert, Defies Senators; BET EXPERT BALKS AT TV IN INQUIRY Kefauver Defends TV T022551
2<= /td> 24 1951 St. Louis Senator Estes Kefauver indicated t= onight that an investigation planned by the Senate Crime Investigating Committee= did not involve a broad inquiry into the New York State Legislature or its payrolls. T022551
2= 25 1951 Washington The refusal of a S= t. Louis betting commissioner to make a television appearance before the Senate Cr= ime Investigating Committee in St. Louis yesterday drew spirited speculation today from constitutional lawyers on whether the defiant witness stood on= solid legal ground. T022651
2<= /td> 25 1951 Los Angeles Senator Kefauver said tonigh= t that he would ask Attorney General J. Howard McGrath for an opinion on the leg= al propriety of televising a Senate committee hearing. T022651
2= 26 1951 Los Angeles BAR GROUP CAUTIONS KEFAUVE= R ON TV USE T022751
2<= /td> 26 1951 New York The request of the= United States Senate Crime Investigating Committee for a look at the payrolls of= the New York State Legislature is based on a desire to inquire into the background of Alfred C. Muscio, an assistant research counsel to Senator Elmer F. Quinn, Democratic minority leader in the Legislature's upper hou= se. T022751
2= 26 1951 New York The Senate Crime Investigating Committee will air crime and politics in six days of public hearings starting March 12 in the United States Courthouse, in Foley Squa= re, Rudolph Halley, chief counsel, announced yesterday. T02751
2= 27 1951 Los Angeles The slaying of Ben= jamin (Bugsy) Siegel here in 1947 stemmed from a Nevada gambling casino row in which a number of New York personalities figured, Police Chief Clinton H. Anderson of Beverly Hills testified today before the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. T02851
2= 28 1951 Washington Senate Inquiry Cal= ls Costello And Adonis Rulers of Crime; Reports They Head One of Two Syndica= tes and Luciano May Be Mediator--Group Sure Underworld Government Exists COSTELLO, ADONIS HELD CRIME HEADS Created by Criminals" Gambling Cal= led Lifeblood T030151
3= 2 1951 San Francisco The Senate Crime Investigating Committee announced today it would ask the Senate to hold t= wo witnesses in contempt because of their refusal to testify. The committee opened a two-day hearing in this city. T030351
3= 3 1951 Mexico City O'DWYER ILL, DELAYS TRIP HERE TO TESTIFY T030451
3<= /td> 3 1951 San Francisco The Treasury Depar= tment backed down today in a skirmish with the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. In so doing it saved a Treasury intelligence agent from being cited for contempt of the Senate. T030451
3<= /td> 4 1951 San Francisco Several representa= tives of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee were left behind in San Francisco today, following a two-day hearing, to try to find and analyze... T030551
3<= /td> 6 1951 Philadelphia A story of deep-ro= oted dissension among top law-enforcement officials here was unfolded today wi= th the release of hitherto secret testimony before the Senate Crime Investigating Committee. T030751
3= 7 1951 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee voted today to cite James J. Carroll, nationally known betting commissioner, for contempt of Congress to test whether a witness can be forced to testify before television cameras. T030851
3= 8 1951 Washington Kefauver's Friend Arrested T030951
3<= /td> 9 1951 New York Frank Erickson, the convicted bookmaker, and officials of the Roosevelt Raceway at Mineola, L= .I., will be the first witnesses before the Senate Crime Investigating Committ= ee here on Monday. T031051
3<= /td> 9 1951 Washington The Senate Crime Investigating Committee heard testimony today that two Illinois liquor wholesalers, in a conspiracy with buyers, were bootlegging thousands of c= ases of whisky into "dry" areas of the South. T031051
3= 11 1951 New York The Senate Crime Investigating Committee will begin today a week of open hearings here, wi= th an effort to ascertain whether gamblers have been active in the financial operation of Roosevelt Raceway, the prosperous harness-horse track at Westbury, L.I. Frank Erickson ... T031251
3<= /td> 12 1951 New York COSTELLO'S POWER IN POLITICS, CRIME SHOWN AT HEARING; A KEY WITNESS BEFORE SENATE CRIME INVESTIGATING GROUP COSTELLO'S POWER SHOWN AT HEARING Levy Tells of Prote= sts Tobey Presses Questions Erickson Non-committal Lipsky Discusses Politics Tells of Order to Tammany Adonis Also Balks at Questions T031351
3= 13 1951 New York WIRETAP REVEALS LE= VY PUT PROBLEM TO 'BOSS' COSTELLO; KEY FIGURE AT YESTERDAY'S SENATE CRIME INQUIRY Wiretap Reveals Levy Called Costello 'Boss' Legal Joust Over Refusal Cost= ello Victim of Laryngitis T031451
3<= /td> 15 1951 New York COSTELLO DEFIES SE= NATORS, WALKS OUT OF HEARING HERE; FACES ARREST ON CONTEMPT; COSTELLO QUITTING CR= IME INQUIRY KEFAUVER TO ASK COSTELLO ARREST Questioned on Wiretap "Tawdry Mess," Says T= obey Virginia Hill Testifies Testifies About Luciano Parole Tells of Newsprint Troubles T031651
= 3 17 1951 New York COSTELLO, ERICKSON= AND ADONIS NAMED IN CONTEMPT MOVE; Senate Crime Group Also Votes Perjury Study Against Moran, Costello and Louis Weber HEARINGS CLOSE TUESDAY, Halley De= nies Anyone Asked Him to 'Go Light' on O'Dwyer in Examination Tomorrow Hearings Resume Tomorrow Another Appearance Promised 3 WITNESSES NAMED IN CONTEMPT MOVE Plea for O'Dwyer Denied O'Dwyer to Make Statement To Drop Saratoga Springs Phase T031851
3= 18 1951 Washington EXTENSION URGED FO= R CRIME INQUIRY; Tobey Would Keep Committee on Job--Kef= auver Wants U.S. Commission Named EXTENSION IS URGED FOR C= RIME INQUIRY Permanent Commission Advocated Wiley Opposes Transfer T031951
3= 18 1951 New York Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, made his debut last night on a commercially-sponsored television quiz show. He fai= led to stump the experts, but he brought down the house with some of his amusingly laconic answers. T031951
= 3 18 1951 New York KINGS JURY'S FILES= IN O'DWYER INQUIRY GIVEN TO KEFAUVER; Minutes on the Murder Case in Which Anastasia Was S= uspect Handed Over by Leibowitz EX-MAYOR ON STAND TODAY Costello Recalled--Commi= ttee Is Reported Planning to Start Deportation Proceedings Hearing in Leibowit= z' Home Follow Thread of Testimony MAKING GRAND JURY DATA AVAILABLE TO SENAT= ORS GRAND JURY'S FILES GIVEN TO KEFAUVER Committee's Request Cited T031951
3<= /td> 19 1951 New York COSTELLO IS VAGUE;= Able to Talk Again, He Says He Gave Advice, No Cash, to Leaders CONCEDES HE 'PERSUADES' Again Denies Charge That He Paid to Learn if His Phone Was Be= ing Tapped Doctor Certifies He Can Talk COSTELLO DENIES HE IS A POLITICIAN Te= lls of Visit by O'Dwyer Mancuso "Closest" to Him T032051
3= 19 1951 New York Dewey Would Talk i= n Albany, But Senators Won't Go There; 'I AM UNDER OATH, AND YOU AREN'T, SIR' DEWEY 'DELIGHTED' TO DISCUSS CRIME Committee to End Work Soon Found Saratoga Wi= de Open Dewey 'Invited' to Testify T032051
3= 20 1951 New York O'DWYER DRAWS INQU= IRY'S FIRE ON ANASTASIA; ADMITS HE PLACED GANGSTERS' FRIENDS IN CITY JOBS; LOSCALZO = WAS 'JOE' Ex-Mayor Knew Jurist Was Recommended to Costello by Aurelio DEFENDS WORK OF BALS Supports Him on Reles' Death and Gaming Graft Rumors-- Stres= ses Fight on Tammany Knew Who "Joe" Was O'DWYER ASSAILED ON ANASTAS= IA CASE Fought Costello Influence Anastasia "Owned" Waterfront Retracts on Rockmore Gave Job to Martin Kennedy T032151
1<= /td> 5 1957 Washington TEAMSTER UNION TIE= D TO RACKETS; Senate's Investigators Imply Welfare Fund Diversion-- Hearing on Jan. 15 Set Records Demanded Headline T010657
The Senate Permane= nt Subcommittee on Investigations is prepared to unfold soon an extensive st= ory of labor racketeering and diversion of union funds by local officers. Abstract
1= 7 1957 Washington TWO SENATORS VIE FOR LABOR INQUIRY Headline T010857
Two Senate committees vied today for the right to investigate labor racketeering. Abstract
1<= /td> 10 1957 Washington RACKETS INQUIRY A = POLITICAL PLUM; Head of Senate Unit That Wins Labor Study Due for Big Build-Up McCa= rthy Is Factor Headline T011157
Two Senate committ= ees were still maneuvering today for the right to investigate labor racketeering. = Back of the maneuvers lay big-time politics. Abstract
1<= /td> 16 1957 Washington UNION AIDES BALK A= T SENATE INQUIRY; 3 Challenge McClellan Unit in Racketeering Study-- Bid for Records Fought<= /font> Headline T011757
Three union offici= als challenged the authority of the Senate investigations subcommittee today = to inspect their records. Abstract
1= 17 1957 Washington UNION QUESTIONED O= N HIDING OF DATA; McClellan Challenges Aide of Teamsters to Tell Today if Concealment Is Policy Challenged in Telegram Discipline Ruled Out UNION QUESTIONED ON HIDING OF DATA Headline T011857
The Senate Investi= gations subcommittee challenged the leadership of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters today to state whether it was encouraging witnesses "to hi= de and conceal facts" about labor racketeering. Abstract
1<= /td> 18 1957 Washington TEAMSTERS' AIDE BA= LKS AT INQUIRY ON UNION RACKETS; Vice President Challenges Senate Unit Jurisdict= ion by Refusing to Talk WITNESS GETS LECTURE McCarthy Brands Silence a 'Disho= nest Thing'--Beck Lays Absence to Illness Silent on Hiding of Data To Seek a C= ourt Test TEAMSTER LEADER BALKS AT INQUIRY Hassle with McCarthy Two New Yorkers Balk Headline T011957
Senate investigato= rs of labor racketeering drew only a challenge of their authority today from the top echelon of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
1= 18 1957 Los Angeles C.P.A. to Check Locals' Books Citation T011957
1<= /td> 21 1957 Miami Beach TEAMSTERS CLASH DI= STURBS MEANY; Union Chief to Discuss Battle With Senators at Parley TEAMSTERS CL= ASH DISTURBS MEANY Fund for Home Discounted Headline T012257
George Meany said = today he was "very much concerned" over the battle between the Internati= onal Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Abstract
1= 23 1957 Washington NEW SENATE UNIT TO= WIDEN INQUIRY IN LABOR RACKETS; Special Group Also to Study Alleged Collusion Between Unions and Management Contempt Action Likely Key Post Holds Inter= est Jurisdiction at Issue SENATORS TO FORM ANTI-RACKET UNIT Headline T012457
Senate leaders agr= eed today to set up a special committee with broad authority to investigate labor racketeering and corruption in labor-management relations. Abstract
1= 23 1957 Miami Beach TEAMSTERS AVOID CH= ALLENGE TO U.S.; Accede to Union Inquiry by Any 'Duly Constituted' Committee of Cong= ress Recognizes Authority Beck Refuses to Comment Urge that Unionists Answer L= egal Counsel Advises Headline T012457
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters pledged today that it would not challenge the authority of any "duly constituted" committee empowered by Cong= ress to investigate labor racketeering. Abstract
1= 25 1957 Editorial FOR CLEAN LABOR UNIONS Headline T012657
The time has come = for a show down between Congress and the A.F.L.-C.I.O. on the one hand and the labor racketeers on the other Abstract
1= 25 1957 Washington ROSS INQUIRY DELAYED; McCl= ellan Asserts Pentagon Is Tardy in Sending Data Citation T012657
1<= /td> 25 1957 Washington SENATORS AGREED ON= RACKETS PANEL; Tentative Plan Puts 4 From Each Party on Special Labor Inquiry Gro= up Headline T012657
Senate leaders rea= ched a tentative understanding today on the membership of the special committee = to investigate corruption in labor organizations and in labor-management relations. Abstract
1<= /td> 29 1957 Washington RACKETS INQUIRY PU= SHED IN SENATT; New Plan Calls for Wider Study of Criminal Activities in Labor and Industry 8 to Serve on Committee McClellan Offers Plan Headline T013057
A bipartisan resol= ution authorizing a select committee to investigate any kind of wrongdoing involving unions and labor-management relations was introduced in the Sen= ate today. It was marked for fast approval. Abstract
1= 30 1957 Washington Senate Votes Inqui= ry on Labor Rackets; McClellan May Head 8-Member Panel Headline T013157
A full-scale inves= tigation of labor racketeering received approval of the Senate today, twenty-four hours after it was proposed. Abstract
1= 30 1957 Editorial LABOR'S PLEDGE OF AID Headline T013057
We welcome the for= thright statement of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. pledging wholehearted cooperation with "investigations by fair and objective legislative committees" i= nto union racketeering. Abstract
1<= /td> 31 1957 Washington ARMY CONTRACTOR AC= CUSED ON GOODS; Ex-Inspector Tells Inquiry Jersey Concern Failed to Return U.S. Materials McClellan Hits Laxity Warned on Perjury Headline T020157
A former Army Quar= termaster Corps inspector testified today that a concern under Senate investigation= for possible fraud against the Government had failed to return more than $80,= 000 worth of Government materials left over from uniform contracts. Abstract
2= 2 1957 Editorial ETHICS AND TEAMSTERS Headline T020257
The code of ethics which the Executive Council of the A.F.L.C.I.O. has approved serves a double purpose. Abstract
2= 4 1957 Washington TEAMSTER AIDE SCORED; McCl= ellan Tells Brewster He Must Produce Records Citation T020557
2<= /td> 5 1957 Miami Beach Beck Visiting in t= he Bahamas; Blans Vacation Trip in Europe; Hoffa Derides Suggestions Teamste= r's Chief Dodges Senate Unit's Sabpoena Teamsters Bar Penalty No Forwarding Address McClellan Is Surprised Headline T020657
Dave Beck, whose International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the chief target of Senate investigators into union racketeering, is in Nassau. Abstract
2<= /td> 6 1957 Washington CITATION IS ASKED = FOR 3 TEAMSTERS; Senate Unit Votes Move-- Beck Still in Nassau With Reservation= for London Headline T020757
The Senate Investi= gations Subcommittee recommended contempt of Congress citations today against Ein= ar O. Mohn, righthand man of Dave Beck, the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
2= 12 1957 Washington NEW EVIDENCE ON ROSS; Defense Aide Testifies Today in Conflict-of-Interest Case Citation T021357
2= 13 1957 Washington Senate Inquiry Questions Ross on Army Contracts Headline T021457
Investigating Sena= tors put Robert Tripp Ross under oath today and questioned the Assistant Secretary= of Defense for two hours about Army contracts awarded to his wife and brother-in-law.
2= 14 1957 Washington BECK IS ASKED FOR DATA; Inquiry Wants His Financial Records for Seven Years Citation T021557
2= 14 1957 Washington Out of Defense Line-Up; Robert Tripp Ross Censorship Charged Became a Drug Clerk The Wynn Enterprises Headline T021557
Over the last two = years fortune has smiled on Robert Tripp Ross. She has also given him the back = of her hand Abstract
2<= /td> 14 1957 Thomasville, GA ROSS,UNDER FIRE, Q= UITS PENTAGON,; Defense Official Acts After Senate Group Questions Him About Contracts President Thanks Ross ROSS, UNDER FIRE, QUITS PENTAGON Headline T021557
Robert Tripp Ross resigned tonight under fire as Ass= istant Secretary of Defense. Abstract
2= 15 1957 Vienna Beck Defends Actions Citation T021657
2<= /td> 15 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN FINDS RO= SS IN THE CLEAR; Says He Will Ask Senate Unit to Drop Case if House Acts --Symington Dissents Headline T021657
Robert Tripp Ross'= statement that he had violated no conflictof-interest laws as Assistant Secretary of Defense was accepted today by Senator John L. M= cClellan. Abstract
2<= /td> 15 1957 Washington SENATORS STUDY TWO= UNIONS HERE; Collusion With Long Island Contractors Is Charged-- Beck Agrees to Inquiry De Konig Is Named McClellan Prods Beck Headline T021657
The Senate Select = Committee on Labor and Management Practices is looking into charges of collusion between contractors and two building trades unions on Long Island. Abstract
2<= /td> 17 1957 Washington LABOR STUDY SEEN L= EADING TO TRIALS; McClellan Expects Hearings to Start on Feb. 26 With Inquiry on Teamsters Fields of Inquiry Listed Inquiry to Start in Portland Headline T021857
Senator John L. McClellan expects the Senate's investigation of labor racketeering to lead to court prosecution= of some union officials. Abstract
2= 19 1957 Washington 4 Teamsters' Aides Cited for Contempt In Balking Inq= uiry; 4 TEAMSTER AIDES CITED BY SENATE Headline T022057
The Senate cited f= or contempt today four officials of the International Brotherhood of Teamste= rs. They had refused to answer certain questions before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Abstract
2= 21 1957 Washington RECORDS DESTROYED, M'CLELLAN CHARGES Headline T022257
Senator John L. McClellan said today= that teamster union financial documents being sought for investigation "h= ave been destroyed." He said they were records of the eleven-state weste= rn conference of teamsters. Abstract
2= 22 1957 Washington MORE DATA OF UNION REPORTED MISSING Headline T022357
Senate investigato= rs said today that more financial records of the Teamsters Union were missing, th= is time from Partland, Ore. Abstract
2<= /td> 23 1957 Washington SENATE INQUIRY IS = LIKELY TO HURT LABOR MOVEMENT; All Unions May Suffer From the Corrupt Practices of = Some of the Leaders Is Cooperation Enough? Most Unions Clean Reluctant Fight Public Attitude Headline T022357
United States Sena= tor in a private conversation the other day remarked: "Well, we finally found= out we could go after the labor leaders without incurring the wrath of labor." Abstract
2= 26 1957 Editorial BAD, AND GOOD, UNIONISTS Headline T022657
The public hearing= s of the Select Committee on Labor and Management Practices, Senator McClellan chairman, = will be supercharged with consequence--for labor, the public and the political fu= ture of the members of the committee themselves. Abstract
2<= /td> 25 1957 Washington WOLL QUITS POST WI= TH TEAMSTERS; Resigns on Eve of Inquiry by Senate Group--Keeps A.F.L.-C.I.O. Counsel Job Headline T022657
J. Albert Woll resigned today as general counsel of = the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
2<= /td> 26 1957 Washington WITNESSES LINK TEA= MSTERS UNION TO UNDERWORLD; Combination Dominated Law Agencies in Portland, Ore., Area, Senate Unit Hears GAMBLERS GOT LOANS Beck and Brewster Are Tied to Transactions--A Wider Labor Investigation Slated Fifth Amendment Invoked = More Hearings Slated Witnesses Link Teamsters Union To Underworld on West Coast Racket Boss 'Star Witnesses Nearing Retirement Headline T022757
A Senate committee= opened today a book-length story of a union-underworld combination in the Pacific Northwest. Abstract
2= 27 1957 Man-in-the-News Respected Investigator; John Little McClellan Headline T022857
If Senator John Li= ttle McClellan looks more mournful than usual these days, remember that the Se= nate has him assigned almost permanently to explore the seamy side of American= a. Abstract
2<= /td> 27 1957 Washington TEAMSTER CHIEFS TI= ED TO VICE PLOT AND TO GAMBLING; Senate Inquiry Hears Both Projects in Oregon Failed When 'Fix' Did Not Work WITNESS CITES THREAT Says Union Head Boasted He M= ade and Broke Mayors --Admits Making 'Pay-Off' Tells of Threats Made Inspecti= on Trips TEAMSTER CHIEFS TIED T0 VICE PLOT Headline T022857
A Senate committee= linked a few powerful union officials today with prostitution and punchboard proje= cts in Oregon. Abstract
2<= /td> 28 1957 Washington TEAMSTER CHIEF SOL= D OUT AIDES, WITNESS CHARGES; Brewster, Coast Official, Got $10,000 in Pinball Deal, Gambler Testifies SAY'S HIS RIVAL PAID FEE Cafe Owner Tells of Being Picketed Because He Used the Wrong Machines 'Fantastic' Harvest Seen TEAM= STER CHIEF TIED TO 'SELL-OUT' Tells of $10,000 Payment Terry Called to Stand Headline T030157
A witness told Senators today that a high union offi= cial had sold out his own agents for $10,000. Abstract
3= 1 1957 Washington Teamster Chiefs Ch= arged With Plot to Rule Oregon; Sought All Law Enforcement Powers, Official Says, Recounting Bribe Report --McClellcan Asks Perjury Inquiry TEAMSTER CHIEFS ACCUSED OF PLOT Situation 'Hypothetical' 'It Is an Order' Urges Taft Act Change A Conflict Is Noted Headline T030257
An Oregon state of= ficial told Senators today that high officials of the International Brotherhood = of Teamsters had plotted to take over law enforcement in the state "from the District Attorney to the Governor's chair." Abstract
3= 2 1957 Washington McClellan Sees Tie-ins Headline T030357
Senator McClellan = said today that disclosures in the first week of his investigation "show rather conclusively" a tie-up between gambling bosses, public officials and Teamster Union leaders in Oregan. Abstract
3<= /td> 2 1957 San Francisco TEAMSTER RALLY ON = COAST BACKS ACCUSED LEADERS; 11-State Parley Urges Unity to Meet Senate Inquiry= 's 'Anti-Union' Attacks STAR WITNESS ASSAILED Labor Heads Assert Hearings Are Being Used in Drive to Thwart Bargaining 'Always Have Enemies' TEAMSTER R= ALLY SUPPORTS CHIEFS Adopted by Voice Vote Locals Urged To Fight Top Officer Present Headline T030357
Teamster Union off= icials from eleven Western states called today for a united front to meet "anti-union" attacks stemming from Senate committee hearings in Washington. Abstract
3= 4 1957 Washington MITCHELL REJECTS B= ECK AS DELEGATE TO I.L.O. SESSIONS; Acts After Seeing McClellan --Notes Teamster Chief's Failure to Testify Two Were Recommended Name To Be Offered MITCHE= LL REJECTS BECK AS DELEGATE Flew To England Committee Aide Criticized Union Paper Comments Headline T030557
The Government shortened Dave Beck's European itiner= ary today. Abstract
3= 5 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS AND THE PUBLIC Editorial T030557
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters may have more members than any other A.F.L.-C.I.= O. affiliate, it may have a multimilliondollar treasury, its president may receive the salary of a top corporation executive, and he may live in an elaborate mansion. But, to say the least, the I.B.T. is woefully inept in= the art of public relations. Abstract
3<= /td> 5 1957 Washington Oregon Officials L= inked To Union in 'Whitewash'; Ousted Aide Reinstated OREGON OFFICIALS TIED TO RAC= KETS Names Alleged 'Fixer' Teamster Aide Mentioned Greene Charge Dismissed Headline T030457
Senators heard tod= ay that a link between certain union officials and a Governor of Oregon and a Distr= ict Attorney led to the "whitewash" of the State Liquor Commission.= The witness before the Select Committee on Labor and Management Practices aga= in was James B. Elkins, confessed racket operator who is cooperating with...= Abstract
3= 6 1957 WANTED: DAVE BECK Headline T030657
The goings and comings--mostly goings--of Dave Beck, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, give the impression that he is a fugitive from duty. This does him no good, nor his union, nor the American labor moveme= nt. The record speaks for itself. Abstract
3= 6 1957 Washington INVESTIGATOR BACKED; Senate Rackets Inquiry Likely to Retain Greene in Post Citation T030757
3= 6 1957 Washington OREGON GAMBLER TEL= LS OF PAY-OFF; 2 Teamster Agents Received $20,000 Over 8 Months, Senate Inquiry Hears Another Chapter Unfolds OREGON GAMBLER TELLS OF PAY-OFF Pay-Off Cal= led 'Piddling' Night Club Faces Closure Criticism of Beck Scored Headline T030757
A confessed gamble= r who is now cooperating with a Senate committee estimated today that his pay-offs= to union racketeers probably had run close to $20,000 over an eight-month period. Abstract
3<= /td> 7 1957 Washington PORTLAND MAYOR ACC= USED OF BRIBE; Oregonians Tell the Rackets Inquiry Gambler Gave Him $500 to Call = Off Raid Overflow Audience Headline T030857
Mayor Terry D. Sch= runk of Portland, Ore., was accused today of having accepted $500 from a gambler = as a bribe to call off a raid. Abstract
3<= /td> 8 1957 Washington PORTLAND CALLED VI= CE-RIDDEN NOW; Inquiry Lists 35 Gambling Houses and Brothels--One Witness Fails Lie Test Fails Lie Test Headline T030957
Senate investigato= rs today handed Mayor Terry D. Schrunk of Portland, Ore., a list of thirtyfive gambling places and houses of prostitution that they said were operating = in that city now. Abstract
3<= /td> 9 1957 Washington RACKETS INQUIRY TU= RNS TO BAKERS; 3 Union Heads Subpoenaed to Check on Use of Funds RACKETS INQUIRY TURNS TO BAKERS Refusal Not Explained May Finish This Week Headline T031057
A Senate committee investigating rackets subpoenaed the president and two other high officia= ls of the Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union today. Abstract
3<= /td> 10 1957 BECK SLIPS BACK TO= U.S. AND FACES SENATE SUBPOENA; Teamsters' Chief Flies Home --Says He Expects to G= o to Washington 'Very Soon' Newsmen Are Barred No Time Limit Set BECK SLIPS BA= CK FROM TRIP ABROAD Mitchell Shortens Trip Shouts 'No Comment' Employers Face Inquiry Headline T031157
Dave Beck, much-tr= aveled president of the much-investigated International Brotherhood of Teamsters, returned to the United States from Europe yesterday. Abstract
3<= /td> 11 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN FEARS A = DELAY BY BECK; Says Word From Teamsters Chief on Inquiry Shows 'Measure of Reservation' Beck Gives Interview Headline T031257
Dave Beck has indi= cated a "measure of reservation" about cooperating with the Senate Sele= ct Committee on Labor and Management Practices. Abstract
3<= /td> 12 1957 Seattle Beck Tells Plans; = Says He Is Willing to Appear Recalls Praise of Hoffa BECK IS PLANNING RECRUITING DRI= VE Being Briefed by Aide Explains Home Purchase Received $30,000 Loan Cites = Rise of Vending Machines Headline T031357
Dave Beck said tod= ay he would ask the executive board of the International Brotherhood of Teamste= rs to appropriate at least $2,000,000 to "intensify our organizing and strengthen the union." Abstract
3= 12 1957 Washington Official on Stand; Bombarded with Questions TEAMSTER= S PAID GAMBLERS' BILLS Headline T031357
Clyde C. Crosby, O= regon representative of the teamsters, conceded today that union dues money had been used to pay bills of two "gamblers." Abstract
= 3 13 1957 Washington F.B.I. SEIZES HOFF= A IN A PLOT TO BRIBE SENATE STAFF AIDE; Vice President of Teamsters Had Papers F= rom Files of Committee, Agents Say HE 'PLANTED' A LAWYER But Counsel Cooperat= ed With Federal Groups--Florida Attorney Held in Case Say He Had Documents C= ommander in Navy F.B.I. Seizes Hoffa in Plot to Bribe Senate Staff Aide Justice Department Report Comment by Beck Family Is Amazed 'The Bigger They Come' Promoted For Work Headline T031457
The Federal Bureau= of Investigation arrested James R. Hoffa, a vice president of the Internatio= nal Brotherhood of Teamsters, on bribery charges tonight. Abstract
3= 14 1957 Washington Langley Balks Inquiry; Navy Blimp Lands Today Globetrotters to Aid Joe Louis Headline T031557
William M. Langley= , a District Attorney facing criminal prosecution in his own county of Multno= mah, Ore., refused today to help a Senate committee investigating labor racketeering and political corruption in Portland. Abstract
3= 14 1957 Washington Unionist Denies Bribery; Government Builds Case Agai= nst Hoffa Teamsters Headline T031557
3<= /td> 14 1957 Washington A Federal grand ju= ry began looking today into the bribery charge against James R. Hoffa. This came as another swift stroke by the Government to bring to trial one of the count= ry's most powerful labor leaders. Abstract T031557
= 3 15 1957 Washington BREWSTER DENIES TE= AMSTERS' PLOT TO RULE RACKETS; He Admits to Senate Group Union Paid for Transport = of Jockey and Trainer BECK'S RECORDS SOUGHT McClel= lan Urges Immediate Reply--Hoffa's Secretary Goes Before= Grand Jury Excused Until Tuesday Beck Is Asked for Records BREWSTER DENIES A TEAMSTER PLOT 'Not Telling the Truth' Brewster Succeeded Beck Tells of Pl= ane Tickets Beck Awaits Request Hoffa Back in Detroit Headline T031657
Frank W. Brewster,= leader of the Western Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, swo= re today that accusations made against him in the last three weeks were "absolutely fantastic and completely untrue." Abstract
3= 16 1957 Editorial TEAMSTER CYNIC BECK Editorial T031657
Dave Beck, preside= nt of the teamsters' union, is reported to have said this week that "there may= be a few things wrong," but "what the members are concerned about = is what they find in their pay envelopes." Because they have "good= ... Abstract
3<= /td> 16 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN TELLS BE= CK TO BRING IN FILES WEDNESDAY; Senator Warns of Subpoena if Teamsters' Chief B= alks on Financial Records UNIONIST TO SEE LAWYER Inpuiry Asks Labor Adviser Wh= y He Received $20,000 of Truckers' Funds Said He Would Cooperate M'CLELLAN GIV= ES BECK A DEADLINE Headline T031757
Dave Beck, head of= the nation's biggest labor union, has been given until 3 P.M. Wednesday to respond to a Senate investigating committee's request for his personal financial records. Abstract
3<= /td> 17 1957 Washington The McClellan-Kennedy Investigating Team; The veteran legislator a= nd the young lawyer form an oddly assorted but effective pair in the Senate's current probe of rackets in labor and management. Headline T031757
In the witness cha= ir sat the madam a stoutish, middle-aged and grimly subdued entrepreneur of the underworld at Portland, Ore., squinting nervously in the explosive glare = of the photographers' flash guns. Across a broad expanse of glistening mahog= any and behind a wicket of microphones ... Abstract
3<= /td> 17 1957 Tacoma BECK SAYS UNION LE= NT HIM $300,000 WITHOUT INTEREST; 'Every Bit Repaid,' Teamster Chief Says--Uncer= tain if He Gave Notes for Money MEMBERS NOT INFORMED McClellan Says Labor Heads Have Failed to Explain Alleged Link= s to Vice Headed Western Group Relying on Lawyer BECK SAYS UNION LENT HIM $300= ,000 Headline T031857
Dave Beck said tod= ay that he had borrowed $300,000 to $400,000 in Teamster Union funds during the last= ten years and had paid no interest. Abstract
3= 17 1957 Washington Teamster on Stand Again Citation T031857
3<= /td> 18 1957 Washington In The Nation; The= Senate Committee's Problem With Beck Identical Pleas Committee and Witness Right= s If Beck Pleaded the Fifth Disclosure or Search The Committee's Full Authorit= y Headline T031957
The patience with = which the Senate's Select Committee has accepted being stalled off by Dave Beck, and the fact that it still is "requesting" him to cooperate instead= of subpoenaing the president of the International ... Abstract
3<= /td> 18 1957 Washington U.S. JURY INDICTS = 4 TEAMSTER AIDES SILENT IN INQUIRY; Brewster and 3 Others, One Also Vice President, = Are Held in Senate Contempt U.S. TAX FILES OPENED White House Aids Committee = --5 Union Leaders Now Involved With Government Inquiry Resumes Today A Taft-H= artley Violation U.S. JURY INDICTS 4 TEAMSTER AIDES Beck Reveals Tax Payments Headline T031957
Federal indictment= s charging contempt of the Senate were returned today against four officers of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, including two vice presidents. Abstract
3= 19 1957 Washington Hoffa and Lawyer I= ndicted; Brewster Queried on Fund; Brewster on Stand U.S. JURY INDICTS HOFFA, ATTO= RNEY Same as 'Cash' Cheasty Aided U.S. Groups Accountant Testifies 'Job Kills People off' 'Two Suits, Not One' 'I Shall Be Exonerated' Headline T032057
A Federal grand ju= ry today indicted James Riddle Hoffa, a vice president of the Teamsters Union, and Hyman I. Fischbach, an attorney. Abstract
3= 19 1957 Detroit U.A.W. WILL COOPERATE; Reuther Tells McClellan Union Woul= d Aid Investigation Citation T032057
3<= /td> 20 1957 Washington BECK WILL TAKE FIL= ES TO INQUIRY, BUT WITH PROVISO; Teamsters Chief Cites Right Not to Release Dat= a at the Senate Hearing Tuesday MIGHT PLEAD THE FIFTH Brewster Tells of Campai= gn Gift to Knight--'No Record' of It, Governor Says Could Reject Request BEC= K WILL TAKE FILES TO INQUIRY McClellan Astounded Headline T032157
Dave Beck agreed t= oday to appear before a Senate investigating committee with his personal financial records. He did not say whether he would release the records. Abstract
3= 22 1957 Washington TEAMSTER LOSS PUT = AT $709,420; Senate Inquiry Tallies Loans and 'Questionable' Deals --Brewster Arraigned Loans That 'Disappeared' TEAMSTER LOSS PUT AT $709,420 Can't Remember Loan Vague About Checks Headline T032357
Senate investigato= rs estimated today that a total of $709,420 had been lost to West Coast memb= ers of the Teamsters Union through misappropriations, loans and "questionable" expenditures by top officials. Abstract
3= 23 1957 Washington INQUIRY TRACING FU= NDS BECK USED; McClellan Sees 'No Evidence' That $270,000 in Teamster Money Was 'Loan or Gift' Checks Signed by Both INQUIRY TRACING FUNDS BECK USED Headline T032357
Senator John L. McClellan said today= that "there is no evidence" to show that some $270,000 in Teamster U= nion funds used by Dave Beck had constituted "a loan or gift." Abstract
3<= /td> 23 1957 Detroit REUTHER TERMS BECK= BORROWING MORALLY WRONG; Says Use of Teamster Funds for Personal Investments 'Transcends' the Law PLANS U.A.W. 'WATCHDOG' Calls for Public Board to Bar Corruption--Hoffa and Brewster Criticized 'Matter of Morality' REUTHER ASSAILS BECK BORROWING Against High Salaries Headline T032457
Walter P. Reuther = assailed Dave Beck today and said he was shocked by the scandal resulting from the Senate investigation of the Teamsters' Union. Abstract
3= 24 1957 The Nation THE NATION; Embattled Teamsters Facing Trial Indictm= ent Returned Headline T032457
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers, largest u= nion in the American Federation of LaborCongress of Industrial Organizations, = has thirteen top officers--a president, eleven vice presidents and... Abstract
3= 25 1957 Editorial REUTHER VS. BECK ET AL. Editorial T032557
President Walter P= . Reuther of the United Automobile Workers has passed sound judgment on the misdeed= s of the Teamsters Union officers revealed by the Mc= Clellan committee. Mr. Reuther says: "Mr. Beck's use of= union funds to further Abstract
3<= /td> 25 1957 Washington BECK APPEARANCE TO= DAY INDICATED; Note to McClellan Gives Evidence Teamster Chief Is on Hand for Inquiry Defense of Hoffa Voiced Headline T032657
Dave Beck apparent= ly reached Washington today and assured a Senate committee that he would appear tomo= rrow as promised. Abstract
3= 26 1957 Washington BECK USES 5TH AMEN= DMENT TO BALK SENATE QUESTIONS ABOUT TEAMSTERS' $322,000; 4TH ALSO INVOKED Labor Leader Ignores Subpoena--Won't Yield His Files = McClellan States Case Beck Invokes Fifth Amendment To Balk Sen= ators on $322,000 Beck Opposed to Code Headline T032757
Dave Beck refused = to tell a Senate committee today about his financial relations with the union he he= ads. Abstract
3<= /td> 26 1957 Washington Excerpts From Beck= 's Testimony Before Senate Unit Investigating Teamster Union; Beck Reads Statement Subpoena Is Served Declines to Answer Beck Denies Hiding McNama= ra Takes Over Apology is Accepted Ordered to Reply Again Declines to Answer Another Section Quoted Again Declines to Answer Excerpts T032757
Following are exce= rpts from today's testimony of Dave Beck, president of the Teamsters Union, before = the Senate Select Abstract
3<= /td> 26 1957 Washington Inquiries and Legi= slation; Study of Teamsters Investigation Recalls Wall Street and Congressional Controls Hint of Legislation Accountability Sought Headline T032757
There was something reminiscent in the Senate Caucus Room today of the famous inquisition of = the Wall Street titans in the early Nineteen Thirties. Abstract
3<= /td> 26 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN TRIES TO= 'HELP' WITNESS; Opening Statement Accuses Beck and Then Asks for His Full Cooperation Asks Cooperation Beck Reads Statement Beck Answers a Question= Headline T032757
The eyes got round= er, the face got redder, the voice got louder --and from the spectators' seats, it almost seemed that the man got smaller. Abstract
= 3 27 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN SCORES B= ECK FOR 'THEFT' OF UNION'S FUNDS; Charges Teamster Head With 'Arrogant Contempt' = for Congress and Labor INQUIRY AGAIN IS BALKED Union Chief Invokes Fifth Amendment to Parry All Questions on Finances Beck Ends Testimony M'CLELLAN SEES 'THEFT' BY BECK Other Names Mentioned Beck Admits Loans Beck Invokes Fifth Reuther Charges 'Smear' Winter Declines Comment Headline T032857
A Senate committee piled new accusations of "theft" on Dave Beck today. Abstract
3= 27 1957 Washington Text of Statement by McCle= llan on Beck Headline T032857
The text of a stat= ement made today by Senator John L. McClellan, Democrat of Arkansas and chairman of the Senate Sel= ect Committee on Improper Practices in the Labor or Management Field as the g= roup completed two days of questioning Dave Beck, president of the Teamsters Union: Abstract
3= 28 1957 Editorial WHAT TO DO ABOUT MR. BECK Editorial T032857
Dave Beck, vice pr= esident of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. and president of the teamsters' union--largest in the federation--stands charged with the following specific acts: "taking" $85,119.92 from teamster union funds to pay his person= al bills; Abstract
3= 28 1957 Portland Portland Teamsters= Fight Leaders Headline T032957
A committee of ran= kand-file teamster union members is at work here "to remove those international officers we think no longer fit for office and who have brought discredit upon us." Abstract
3<= /td> 28 1957 Washington Tips on Rackets Po= ur In; Senate Inquiry Broadened; Committee Has 'Evidence' RACKET HUNTERS BROADEN INQUIRY Counsel Expects Action Headline T032957
Senatorial labor r= acket hunters, their staff trebled in recent weeks, are running down scores of valuable tips, a spokesman said today. Among them at a few more leads pointing to Dave Beck, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, his friends and some employers. Abstract
3<= /td> 29 1957 Washington BECK SUSPENDED FRO= M 2 KEY JOBS BY LABOR CHIEFS; A.F.L.-C.I.O. Council Directs Meany to Bring Charges Against Teamster Head HEARING SLATED MAY 20 Truck Union Investigation Also Set--Hoffa Denies Guilt in U.S. Court Meany to File Charges 20 Council Members Present BECK SUSPENDED BY LABOR CHIEFS Beck's Statements Noted Headline T033057
Labor's high comma= nd suspended Dave Beck from two key posts today and started an investigation= of his International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
3= 30 1957 Washington DAVE BECK CASE RAI= SES NUMEROUS VITAL ISSUES; Political and Labor Interests Are Involved as Well= as Rights of Congress and Witnesses BLOW TO UNION PROSPECTS Major Issues Ari= se Million Dollar Fund Beck Suspended Democratic 'Squeeze' Headline T033157
Seldom if ever hav= e so many major interests been affected by the conduct of a witness before an investigatory group as when Dave Beck appeared before the Senate committee that is probing rackets in the labor and management segments of industry.= Abstract
3<= /td> 30 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN VOWS ALL= AID TO LABOR FOR BECK INQUIRY; Says Any Request for Data Will Be Studied at Once --Other Hearings Near Twofold Inquiry Set Evidence From Hearings M'CLELLAN VOWS BECK INQUIRY AID Headline T033157
The "enthusia= stic cooperation" of a Senate committee was promised today for labor's own investigation of Dave Beck and his International Brotherhood of Teamsters= . Abstract
3= 31 1957 Washington The Moral Issue Th= at Confronts Labor; Some union leaders have come to resemble industry's 'rob= ber barons' of a half-century ago. Now labor faces a challenging demand for genuine reform. The Moral Issue That Confronts Labor Headline T033157
THEY came to tell = Andrew Furuseth, the tall gaunt Norseman who founded the Sailors Union of the Pacific, that he might have to go to jail for violating a no-strike injunction. He looked around the roachridden hall bedroom that was his ho= me. Abstract
For organized labo= r in the U.S. this is a time of balmy economic weather. Prosperity is high, jobs plentiful, wages good. Abstract
3<= /td> 31 1957 Washington INQUIRY EXPECTS NE= W DATA ON BECK; McClellan Sure of Getting 'More on' Teamster Head 'Before We're Through' Offers Budget Advice Headline T040157
Senator John L. McClellan predicted = today that the special Senate rackets committee soon would have "a great d= eal more" evidence of wrongdoing by Dave Beck than has been revealed so = far in public hearings. Abstract
4<= /td> 1 1957 San Francisco Bridges Attacks Se= nate Inquiries On Labor Funds and Communism; Longshore Leader Charges McClellan Is 'Out to= Do a Job on Labor'-- Hits Eastland Hawaii Study McClellan Is Accused Headline T040257
Harry R. Bridges o= pened today the twelfth biennial convention of the International Longshoremen's= and Warehousemen's Union, unaffiliated, with a double attack. Abstract
4<= /td> 2 1957 Washington UNION CURBS BECK IN PUBLICITY PLAN; Limits Outlay to Campaign Against 'Anti-Labor' Laws Little Support for Beck UNION CURBS BECK IN PUBLICITY PLAN Headline T040357
Dave Beck, preside= nt of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, announced today the union would h= ave a public relations program to fight "antilabor legislation." Abstract
4= 4 1957 Washington SENATORS CHECK UND= ERWORLD LINK TO COIN MACHINES; Extensive Employer-Union Racket Seen--Teamsters Offered Labor Hearing Elkins Told of Ring Capone Gang Recalled SENATORS C= HECK ON COIN MACHINES Teamsters Offered Hearing Beck Warns Teamsters Headline T040457
Senate investigato= rs are looking into indications of an extensive labor and management racket in t= he "juke box" and automatic coin machine field. Abstract
4= 4 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS' DEFENSES Editorial T040457
After Dave Beck re= fused to defend himself before the McCellan committee, because to answer charges m= ight incriminate him, he boasted that his union would spend a million dollars = to give the public his side of the case. Abstract
4<= /td> 7 1957 Atlantic City Reuther Bids Senat= e Study Employers' Role in Graft; Leader of Auto Workers Urges Prison for Bribe Givers and Takers REUTHER SEEKING BROADER INQUIRY Sees Double Standard Headline T040857
Walter P. Reuther = demanded today that Senate investigators look into employer and labor corruption w= ith equal vigor. Abstract
4<= /td> 8 1957 Washington PLEADER OF FIFTH F= ACING A CITATION; Senate Racket Investigators Begin Contempt Action to Provide a = Test Case Squillante Forced Out Headline T040957
A witness before S= enate racket investigators invoked the Fifth Amendment today and the committee started contempt proceedings against him-an unusual procedure. The commit= tee said it was a test ease. Abstract
4= 10 1957 Editorial U. A. W.'S WATCHDOG Editorial T041057
The United Automob= ile Workers have done the labor movement and the public signal service in set= ting up their Public Review Board. The teamster officials' misdeeds exposed by= the McClellan comm= ittee and the cruder forms of labor racketeering revealed this week in court...= Abstract
4<= /td> 11 1957 Washington TEAMSTER BOARD TO = MEET IN TEXAS; Beck Sets Galveston Parley to Weigh Union's Action on Corruption Charge. Headline T041257
Dave Beck has summ= oned the executive board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to meet in Galveston, Tex., next week. The meeting may turn into another test of the union president's leadership. Abstract
4<= /td> 13 1957 Scranton SCRANTON UNIONS IN= SENATE INQUIRY; McClellan Unit Will Begin Hearings on Tuesday-- At Least Six Called 'Goon' Violence Studied Headline T041457
The United States = Senate committee investigating racketeering will turn its attention to this city= of 125,000 next week. Abstract
4<= /td> 13 1957 Washington SENATE INQUIRY HAZ= Y ON MANAGEMENT CASES; Labor Relations Abuses Are Known But the Evidence Is Ha= rd to Get Rights Reserved Pay-Off Chosen Competition Curbed In the Future Headline T041457
Senate investigato= rs complained this week that too many employers were too close-mouthed. The complaint raised the question where is the McCl= ellan committee going with respect to management? Abstract
4<= /td> 16 1957 Washington Scranton Mayor Is = Named In Building Trades Inquiry; Ex-Teamster Aide Says Official Tried to Delay Ac= tion on Dynamiting SCRANTON MAYOR NAMED AT INQUIRY Guests at Dinner' Headline T041757
Senators heard today a tale of "rough stuff&quo= t; and rigged union meetings in the building trades. Abstract
4<= /td> 16 1957 Galveston TEAMSTERS BRAND A.F.L.-C.I.O. ACTION ON BECK ILLEGAL; Executive Board Decries the Federation's Suspension of Chief as Vice President BACKS HIM UNANIMOUSLY Union President Denies He Said He Might 'Blow the Lid Right Off' Senate Avoids Ontright Defiance TEAMSTERS SCORE A.F.L.-C.I.O. ACTION Misquoted, = Beck Says No Immediate Comment Text of Resolution Headline T041757
The General Execut= ive Board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters charged today that the high command of the merged labor federation had acted illegally in suspending = Dave Beck as a federation vice president. Abstract
4<= /td> 17 1957 Washington 3 Silent of Labor = Hearing On Violence in Scranton; Tales of Union Activity 3 INVOKE THE 5TH AT LABOR INQUIRY Tells of Civic Work She Suggests an Answer Headline T041857
Three witnesses in= voked the Fifth Amendment today in a Senate committee's investigation of tough tact= ics used by building traces unions in the Scranton, Pa., area. Contempt proceedings, were ordered started immediately against one of them. Abstract
4= 18 1957 Editorial CAN LABOR PURGE ITSELF? Editorial T041857
The action taken b= y the general executive board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Tuesday is supercharged with possible consequence, not only to the teamst= ers and the A.F.L.-C.I.O. but to labor as a whole and the public. Tied in also are more funda Abstract
4= 19 1957 Washington BECK OPENS FIGHT O= N LABOR OUSTER; Hints Court Battle to Oppose Suspension by A.F.L.-C.I.O. --Seeks Written Charges By JOSEPH A. LOFTUS Special to The New York Times. Adopte= d in 1955 Committee Named Beck Opens Fight on Suspension; Hints Court Test of = A.F.L.-C.I.O. Headline T042057
Dave Beck formally challenged today the actions taken by the united labor movement against h= im and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
4= 22 1957 Washington Hoffa Urges Court = To Quash Charges; HOFFA ASKS COURT TO QUASH CHARGES Headline T042357
James R. Hoffa opened his defense against bribery accusations today with fifty pages of legal arguments. Abstract
4<= /td> 23 1957 Augusta, GA EISENHOWER TO ASK = UNION FUND CURBS; Will Hear Recommendations by Mitchell Tomorrow in Light of Senate Inquiry Invoked Fifth Amendment President's Comment Ives Urges Caution La= bor Leader Protests Headline T042457
The White House in= dicated today that Congress soon would be asked for legislation to prevent the improper practices such as those disclosed by the Senate's investigation = of labor and management. Abstract
4= 24 1957 Washington 2 WOMEN RETRACT RACKET EVIDENCE; Witnesses Clash at = Senate Hearing Headline T042557
Two women repudiat= ed today their affidavits reflecting on the leading witness in a Senate committee's investigation of rackets in Portland. Ore. Abstract
4= 25 1957 Editorial CURBING UNION ABUSES Editorial T042557
Organized labor in= the United States faces a hostile public opinion much like the anti-business sentiment of fifty years ago. Another parallel is sure to follow: Abstract
4<= /td> 26 1957 Speech M'CLELLAN WARNS OF 'GANGSTERISM'; Tells Publishers Momentum of Rackets Perils U.S.-- Mrs. Lu= ce Chides Press 'Shock Troops' of Diplomacy M'CLELLAN TELLS OF 'GANGSTERISM'= Headline T042657
The chairman of th= e Senate committee investigating union rackets said last night that it intended to continue its exposures of wrongdoing until Congress had enough informatio= n to "clean up the mess." Abstract
4= 26 1957 Excerpts Text of Senator McClellan'= s Address at the Publishers Association Dinner<= /td> Headline T042657
Following is the t= ext of an address by Senator John L. McClellan of Arkansas at the annual dinner of the Bureau of Advertising of the American Newspaper Publishers Association in the Waldorf-Astoria Hoted last night: Abstract
4= 27 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN WANTS EM= PLOYER FUNDS UNDER U.S. CHECK; Supports Wider Reins on All Welfare Money--Hears = De Koning and Foes Open Hearings Due McClellan Favors a U.S. Check Of Fmployer-Managed Benefits Ord= ered to Surrender Records Headline T042757
The chairman of th= e Senate racket-investigating committee said yesterday that he believed employer-managed welfare funds should be brought under Federal regulation= . Abstract
4= 27 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN HUNTS AU= DITOR OF UNION AND SON OF BECK; Senate Inquiry Gets No Help From Teamsters' Chief = in Search for 4 Witnesses Handles Personal Accounts M'CLELLAN HUNTS AUDITOR = OF UNION End of Corruption Seen Headline T042857
The Senate committ= ee investigating the financial affairs of Dave Beck, president of the Teamst= ers Union, has been unable to find four witnesses. They are Dave Beck Jr., two relatives of the union president by marriage and an auditor for the union= . Abstract
4= 28 1957 Editorial LABOR-UNION REGULA= TION Editorial T042857
President Eisenhow= er's program for laws to curb labor-union abuses, and Secretary Mitchell's comments on it, show a commendable determination to deal with this vital problem, yet to proceed with care, taking the most urgent and easiest ste= ps at the start and avoiding wrong directions. Abstract
4<= /td> 28 1957 Washington SENATE TO STUDY BE= CK'S FINANCES; Racket Inquiry Will Question President of Teamsters on New Information Seeks Data on Funds Ives Talks on Labor Bridges Urges Action<= /td> Headline T042957
The counsel for th= e Senate Committee investigating labor unions and management asserted tonight that= the committee had "a great deal more information" on the activities= of Dave Beck. Abstract
4= 29 1957 Washington NAVY FUNDS TIED TO= UNION PAY-OFF; Witness Tells Senators He Paid Money to Teamsters --Denies It Was 'Bribery' Illegal Activities Cited NAVY FUNDS TIED TO UNION PAY-OFF Negotiated a Price Meany Replies Given Headline T043057
A manufacturer tol= d a Senate committee today that he had paid money to officers of the Teamsters Union "with the knowledge and consent of the United States Government.&quo= t; In fact, he said, the Navy gave him the money to pay them. Abstract
5= 1 1957 Washington UNIONISTS' FRIEND = TARGET OF INQUIRY; Senators Check Industrialist Here, Intimate of Hoffa, McDonald a= nd Johnson Received Commissions Draws Indignant Denial UNIONISTS' FRIEND TAR= GET OF INQUIRY McDonald Backed Code Headline T050157
An industrialist w= ith intimate friendships in the top level of the merged labor federation is b= eing investigated by the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field. Abstract
5= 1 1957 Washington BECK CALLED BACK B= Y SENATE INQUIRY; Will Testify on Wednesday-- Teamster Board to Appear at A.F.L.-C.I.O. Hearing 'I Plan to Be There' BECK CALLED BACK BY SENATE GRO= UP Board to Attend Parley Barden Scores Mitchell Headline T050257
Dave Beck got orde= rs today to return to a Senate hearing next Wednesday. He is under a continuing subpoena. Abstract
5= 2 1957 Editorial LABOR PROBE FAIRNESS Editorial T050257
The Select Committ= ee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field, of which Senator McClellan is chairma= n, has so far concentrated almost wholly on the improper activities of labor. Abstract
5<= /td> 2 1957 Seattle BECK IS INDICTED; = $56,000 EVASION OF TAX CHARGED; 2d Count Cites 'False' Report for Union--Jury Act= s 13 Days Before Deadline Union Trial Next Week BECK IS INDICTED AS A TAX EVAD= ER McDonald Asks Scrutiny Headline T050357
Dave Beck was indicted today for income tax evasion.= Abstract
5<= /td> 3 1957 Washington Beck Posts a Bond;= Will Be Arraigned May 13 in Tax Case; Appears Voluntarily BECK POSTS $5,000 FOR ARRAIGNMENT Troubled Week Ahead Headline T050457
Dave Beck posted $5,000 bond today for his arraignme= nt May 13 on charges of income tax evasion. Abstract
5= 4 1957 Portland PRIDE RETURNING TO= PORTLAND, ORE.; 'City of Sin' Tiring of Rackets Hubbub--Boasts It Is One of Cleanest Coast Towns Getting a Little Bored A Matter of Dispute Spotlight on Offic= ials Democrat Is 'Fearful' States His Principles Teamster Leader Bitter Open M= ind on Elkins Teamster Heads to Meet Headline T050557
This red-faced "city of sin" is' cautiousl= y and self-consciously raising its head again. Abstract
5<= /td> 6 1957 EMPLOYERS URGED TO= ASSIST INQUIRY; Business Association Here Bids Them Give Senate All Racket Evide= nce 'Unwilling Victim' Headline T050657
Business men with = first-hand evidence of labor racketeering have been urged to bring it to the Senate's attention or face the imputation of "corporate cowardice." Abstract
5<= /td> 6 1957 Washington A. F. L.-C. I. 0. = UNIT LAYS CORRUPTION TO BECK'S UNION; Teamsters, Accused on 8 Counts, Charge 'Sland= er' --Will Reply May 24 BOARD SUPPORTS LEADER Hearing Cites Use of Funds by Chief--Brewster and Brennan Also Named. Beck Scores Charges Seek 'Specifi= c Facts' CORRUPTION LAID TO BECK'S UNION 'This Is Not a Trial' 8 Counts in Brief Members Are Listed Headline T050757
The A.F.L.-C.I.O. = Ethical Practices Committee accused the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on eight counts of corruption today and gave the union eighteen days to repl= y. Abstract
5<= /td> 8 1957 Speech TEAMSTER OUSTER HI= NTED BY MEANY; Labor May Have 'No Choice,' Leader Tells Shoe Union-- Mitchell Is Reassuring Labor Secretary Speaks Headline T050857
George Meany indic= ated in a speech yesterday that organized labor might have. "no choice" b= ut to "disassociate" the International Brotherhood of Teamsters fr= om the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations= . Abstract
5= 8 1957 Washington BECK AGAIN FAILS T= O GIVE ANSWERS; Inquiry Told He Used Post to Get Son in Beer Concern --3 Witness= es Located 3 Seen in Vancouver BECK AGAIN FAILS TO GIVE ANSWERS 'This Don't Bother Me' Headline T050957
Dave Beck invoked = the Fifth Amendment today at a rate of almost once a minute as a Senate committee renewed its investigation of his personal use of union money and power as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
5= 9 1957 M'CLELLAN SCORED ON RIGHT-TO-WORK Citation T050957
5<= /td> 10 1957 Washington Senators Hear Beck= Made Profit As Trustee of a Widow's Fund; Business Partner Testifies He Shared= in Gains Made From Mortgage Deals PROFITS ON FUND ARE LAID TO BECK Headline T051157
  Dave Beck was pict= ured today as having contributed to charity fund for the widow of his "best friend" and then having profited from it. Senate investigators were = told that Mr. Beck was trustee of the fund and had... Abstract
5<= /td> 11 1957 Washington TEAMSTER OUSTER OF= BECK FORESEEN BEFORE FALL VOTE; Testimony of Profit on Fund for Widow Jolts Union-- McClellan Voices Shock USE OF MAILS STUDIED Crumbling of Chief's Power Believed Demonstrated by Publicity Aides' Defiance McClellan Makes Point Old Order Changing TEAMSTER OUSTER OF BE= CK FORESEEN 'Greed and Avarice' Seen Headline T051257
Dave Beck's tenure= as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has been shortened sharply by derogatory testimony against him this week, sources inside the union said today. Abstract
5= 16 1957 Washington $100,000 Repaid by= Beck To Union in Last 2 Weeks; Witness Says Labor Leader Has Returned Total of $370,000--McClellan Dares Teamsters to 'Clean Own House' $100,000 IS REPAID BY BECK TO UNION Challenge by MeClellan Headline T051757
Dave Beck has paid= back an additional $100,000 to the Teamsters Union treasuries within the last two weeks, a Senate committee witness testified today. Abstract
5= 17 1957 Washington BECK AIDE PLEADS T= HE 5TH 71 TIMES; Relative Balks at Questions on $100,000--Teamster Head Faces Ballot Fight McClellan Sees 'Record' BECK AIDE PLEADS THE 5TH 71 TIMES McClellan Backs Move Beck Ouster Sought Beck Called a 'Fool' Speedier Exit Sought Headline T051857
An elusive kinsman= of Dave Beck, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, refused to= day to tell Senate investigators about income he had received from the union = and from a company that sold goods to the teamsters. Abstract
5<= /td> 18 1957 M'CLELLAN SEES STI= FF LABOR LAW; Inquiry Chairman Predicts Congress Action--Union Leader Assails Views 'Some Control' Urged Headline T051857
Senator John L. McClellan predicted yesterday that Congress would tighten the country's labor laws after his investigation of labor and management ended. Abstract
5= 19 1957 Editorial LABOR PROBE APPRAISAL Editorial T051957
The teamster chapt= er of the McClellan Committee = record of alleged labor-union misdeeds has now been written. Everyone who reads = the newspapers or listens to the air waves knows the sordid manipulations of teamster funds for personal gain with which Dave Beck and his colleagues = have now been indicted. Abstract
5= 20 1957 A.F.L.-C.I.O. DRAF= TS RULES TO PROTECT MEMBERS' RIGHTS; New Code Would Guarantee Democratic Procedure= in Union Administration Provides for Appeals Stem From Inquiry A.F.L.-C.I.O. DRAFTS PROCEDURE CODE Administration Wins Headline T052057
The American Feder= ation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations plans action to guarantee = the democratic rights of its 15,000,000, members. Abstract
5<= /td> 20 1957 Washington INQUIRY IS SOUGHT = BY TEXTILE UNION; It Asks Senate Unit to Study the Alleged Connivance of Police and Employers Releases Correspondence Headline T052157
The Textile Worker= s Union called on Senate investigators today to study what it called corrupt connivance by employers, local politicians and police to defeat union organizing. Abstract
5= 20 1957 Washington Texts of A.F.L.-C.I.O. and Beck Statements; Council's Statement Mr. Beck's Statement Headline T052157
Following are the = texts of statements by the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Council regarding Dave Beck, head of the Teamsters Union, and his statement to the council: Abstract
5= 21 1957 Editorial BETTER LABOR PRACTICES Editorial T052157
As the McClellan committee = hearings have so luridly disclosed, two areas of labor union operation call most f= or reform: finance and internal government. The news this week offers notable examples of constructive action in both. Abstract
5= 22 1957 Editorial EXIT MR. BECK Editorial T052257
The action of the = Executive Council of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. in ousting Dave Beck as one of its vice presidents is surely the beginning of the end of Mr. Beck's labor union career --an end devoutly to be desired by labor and the public, sick of h= im and all his doings. Abstract
5= 23 1957 New York CITY ASSESSOR OUT = OVER EX-PARTNER; Strelzin, Facing Senate Call to Testify on Racketeer, Is Drop= ped by Wagner Past Associations Involved Voluntarily at City Hall Wagner Ousts City Assessor; Link to Racketeer Is Disclosed Political Aspects Weighed Headline T052357
Mayor Wagner annou= nced yesterday that he had accepted the resignation of Harvey L. Strelzin, $17,500-a-year chairman of the Board of Assessors, effective at the close= of business today. Abstract
5<= /td> 24 1957 New York STRELZIN FACES M'C= LELLAN CALL; Ex-City Assessor Has Been Under Senate Inquiry on Carting for Ten W= eeks Headline T052457
Harvey L. Strelzin= , who resigned from the Board of Assessors on Wednesday, has been under investigation for about ten weeks by the Senate Select Committee on Impro= per Activities in the Labor or Management Field. Abstract
5<= /td> 25 1957 Washington BECK WON'T RUN FOR RE-ELECTION; SUMMONS BOARD; Aide of Teamster Chief Gives Out News--Resignation in June Is Held Likely WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN Union Leader Believed to Be on West Coast, Meeting With Other Officials Efforts to Oust Him Target of A.F.L.-C.I.O. BECK WON'T RUN FOR RE-ELECTION Headline T052657
Dave Beck announce= d tonight that he would not seek re-election as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
5= 26 1957 TEAMSTER STUDY IS 3 MONTHS OLD; Select Group Was Cre= ated by Senate After Beck's Challenge of Authorit= y Headline T052657
It was just three = months ago that the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field began public hearings on the Teamsters' Union. Abstract
5= 28 1957 Washington SENATE UNIT CALLS BAKERY UNION AIDES Headline T052957
The Senate rackets= committee today summoned officials of the Bakery and Confectionary Workers International Union to public hearings beginning June 4. Abstract
6<= /td> 1 1957 Washington FUND MISUSE LAID T= O BAKERS UNION; Senate Hearings, Starting on Tuesday, Will Try to Link Trusteeship= to Deals Two Locals Merged Headline T060257
Senate rackets inv= estigators reported evidence today that some top officials of the International Bake= rs Union had received expensive automobiles and "misappropriated" thousands of dollars from union treasuries. Abstract
6= 2 1957 Beck Accuses McClellan of Move On Rights Bill to Cripple Unions; 'Agreeable= ' Man Sought Headline T060257
Dave Beck, preside= nt of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, declared yesterday that Senator J= ohn L. McClellan w= as trying to cripple trades unions. Abstract
6<= /td> 4 1957 Washington BECK JR.INVOKES TH= E 5TH 100 TIMES; FACES A CITATION; Cousin Also Balks Senators on Union Pay-MeClellan Sees 'Flagrant Abuse' Contempt Citation Likely Mundt Supports View BECK JR.INVOKES THE 5TH 100 TIMES Beck Sr. Denies Guilt Headline T060557
Dave Beck Jr. echo= ed his father's Fifth Amendment plea before Senate racket hunters more than a hundred times today. Abstract
6<= /td> 6 1957 Washington BAKERS' EX-AIDE IN= VOKES THE 5TH; Stuart, Accused by Senate Racket Hunters of Misusing $40,000, Balks = at Inquiry 'Strike Donation' Noted Balks at All Questions Checks Sent to Teamsters Headline T060757
A former union vice president invoked the Fifth Amendment today as Senate racket hunters accu= sed him of misappropriating more than $40,000. Abstract
6<= /td> 7 1957 Washington Friend of Unionist= Won't Tell Senators Who Paid Her Bills; Fete Nets Officer $56,000 UNIONIST'S FR= IEND BALKS AT INQUIRY Headline T060857
A Los Angeles woman identified by a witness as a "girl friend" of James C. Cross, president of the, Bakery and Confectionery Workers' Union, refused today = to tell Senate racket hunters what she had done at union conventions or who = had paid her bills. Abstract
6= 9 1957 Washington CROSS' ATTORNEY SAID TO HAVE QUIT; Bakers' Union Head Slated to Testify Thursday in Senate Unit's Inquiry Headline T061057
James H. Rowe Jr. = of this city was reported today to have resigned, as attorney for James G. Cross, president of the Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union. Abstract
6= 14 1957 Editorial SALUTE TO TWO UNIONS Editorial T061457
Two events this we= ek call attention to the achievements of American unionism at its best--to be wei= ghed heavily in the balance against the shortcomings which the McClellan committee= has disclosed. Abstract
6<= /td> 14 1957 Washington MITCHELL ORDERS MO= RE UNION DATA; Longer Financial Reports Call for Gift Itemizing-- 'Malpractice' Ci= ted Brewster Asks to Call Six Cross Hearings Postponed McDonald Offer Reporte= d Headline T061557
James P. Mitchell,= Secretary of Labor, ordered unions today to file more detailed information in finan= cial reports now required by the Taft-Hartley Act. Abstract
6<= /td> 18 1957 Washington UNIONIST ACCUSED I= N $100,000 LOAN; Senators Say He Eased Pay Demand of Bakery Unit UNIONIST ACCUSED IN $100,000 LOAN Rules Cover Procedure Strike Permission Withdrawn Headline T061957
Senate racket inve= stigators accused a union president today of virtually imposing a substandard wage contract on union members whose employer had "lent" him more th= an $100,000. Abstract
6<= /td> 19 1957 Washington HOFFA ASKS DELAY A= T START OF TRIAL; Lawyer for Teamsters Aide Takes Adjournment Plea to U.S. Appeals C= ourt Wiretap Plea Denied Jury to Get Beck Records Headline T062057
The trial of James R. Hoffa on bribery charges opened today in Federal District Court. Abstract
6<= /td> 20 1957 Washington LOAN WAS REPAID, B= AKERS' AIDE SAYS; Cross Denies Illinois Strike Was Called Off as Result of Note = for $40,000 Paid for $63,500 Home $56,000 From Dinner Headline T062157
A labor leader tes= tified today that he had repaid $40,000 borrowed from management interests to av= oid any possible "misconception" that might arise from a Senate investigation of the loan. Abstract
6= 21 1957 Washington BAKERS PLAN NO INQUIRY; Union Leaders Fail to Act on Charges Against Cross Citation T062257
6= 22 1957 Washington RACKETS HERE A TARGET; Head of Senate Group Maps Ear= ly Inquiry Covering Area Citation T062357
6<= /td> 29 1957 Washington SENATE UNIT HITS S= URPLUS CAR DEAL; McClellan Plans Hearings on 'Exorbitant Profit' in Sale of 350 to France Algerian Nationa= ls Protest Headline T063057
Senate investigato= rs reported today that a United States concern had made "an exorbitant profit" on the sale of 350 Army surplus combat cars to France for us= e in Algeria. Abstract
7<= /td> 11 1957 Washington HOFFA ASSOCIATE GI= VEN A MISTRIAL; Lawyer-Defendant Protests Court Ruling--Teamster Asks Similar Finding McClellan on Stand Questioned by Court Headline T071257
A Federal judge or= dered a mistrial today in the bribery-conspiracy case against Hyman I. Fischbach, Miami lawyer, because of the sudden illness of his counsel, Daniel P. Mah= er. He will be tried later. Abstract
7= 13 1957 Washington NEW CHARGE FACES BAKERS' UNION CHIEF Headline T071457
Senator John L. McClellan, chairman= , of the Senate rackets committee, asserted today that James G. Cross, president of the Bakery Workers Union, had tried to "suppress and intimi Abstract
7<= /td> 15 1957 Washington SENATORS SELECT 11= INQUIRY AREAS; Racket Hunters' Target List Assures G.O.P. of Study of Reuther's Activities May Add Other Categories Mundt Applies Pressure Headline T071657
Senate racket hunt= ers will investigate political expenditures and secondary boycotts, it was announc= ed today. Abstract
7<= /td> 16 1957 Washington BEATING CHARGED TO= UNION LEADER; Woman Accuses Bakery Chief of Attack--Ward Denies Deal With Teams= ters U.A.W. to Cooperate Headline T071757
A woman accused the president of the bakers' union today of knocking her down, kicking her and attacking her husband in a row over control of the union. Abstract
7<= /td> 18 1957 Washington LABOR ETHICS UNIT = RECALLS 2 UNIONS; Added Hearings for Bakers and Teamsters Expected to Bring 'Clean-= Up' Order Inquiry Moves On LABOR ETHICS UNIT RECALLS 2 UNIONS Headline T071957
Two unions accused= of being corruptly dominated were summoned today to further hearings within the la= bor movement. Abstract
7<= /td> 19 1957 Washington HOFFA ACQUITTED OF= BRIBERY PLOT; SEEKS BECK POST; Vice President of Teamsters Cleared by Jury of Cha= rge He Sought Senate Files UNION PROBLEM IS POSED Leader's Election Could Spl= it Labor--Ives Calls Verdict 'Miscarriage of Justice' Marshals Quiet Crowd <= font class=3D"font155736">McClellan Declines= Comment HOFFA ACQUITTED OF BRIBERY PLOT Headline T072057
A jury acquitted J= ames R. Hoffa today of charges that he bribed his way into the files of a Senate committee that was investigating him. Abstract
7= 20 1957 Washington TEXTILE UNION SCANS ITS FINANCIAL SET-UP Headline T072157
The executive coun= cil of the United Textile Workers Union met today to consider new financial safeguar= ds over the union's ... Abstract
7= 21 1957 Washington TEAMSTER-DIO LINKS FACE INQUIRY JULY 30 Citation T072257
7= 23 1957 Washington CHEASTY KEEPS POST; McCle= llan Praises Inquiry Aide Who Testified on Hoffa<= /td> Citation T072457
7<= /td> 23 1957 Washington USE OF UNION FUND = LINKED TO OFFICER; Senate Unit Implies Textile Aide Added Personal Items to Bills--Lawyer Queried Check Union's Accounts 'We Didn't Catch 'Em' Headline T072457
Senate investigato= rs implied today that an officer of the United Textile Workers had spent union funds= for personal shopping for himself and his wife. Abstract
7<= /td> 25 1957 New York Dio and Two Found = Guilty Of Plot to Seal Labor Peace; Hogan Praises Jury Dio and 2 Confederates Guilt= y Of Plotting to Sell Labor Peace Headline T072657
Johnny Dio was fou= nd guilty last night of selling labor peace. He and two confederates were convicted= on charges of bribery and conspiracy. Abstract
7<= /td> 25 1957 Washington LOANS TO REPAY UNI= ON LAID TO 2; $111,150 Raised in 3 Weeks to Replace Textile Worker Funds, Inquiry Asserts Headline T072657
Senate rackets inv= estigators said today that two top officials of the Textile Workers Union had hurrie= dly raised $111,150 in three weeks after ... Abstract
7= 26 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN FEARS ON INQUIRY BARED Headline T072757
Defense counsel for Nugent La Poma introduced documents today to show that Senator John L. McClellan, Democrat of Arkansas, once feared his Senate rackets committee would be stacked with members who lacked "intestinal fortitude."<= /a> Abstract
7<= /td> 27 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN READY FO= R CITY INQUIRY; Senate Committee Will Opens Hearings Wednesday on Labor Racketee= rs Here Cites 'Grabs for Power' Headline T072857
Senator John L. McClellan said toda= y that hearings starting here Wednesday would show that gangsters had "sold out" union members through a corrupt alliance with some labor leader= s in New York. Abstract
7<= /td> 31 1957 Washington HOFFA IS LINKED TO= DIO IN SCHEME TO CONTROL PORT; McClellan Accuses Teamster Official at the Opening of Inquiry= on City's Rackets Influence Held Wide Fall Meeting Scheduled HOFFA IS LINKED= TO DIO PLOT HERE Kennedy Uses Charts Headline T080157
James R. Hoffa of = the Teamsters Union was accused today of aiming for a position where he could throttle the Eastern seaboard and part of the Midwest. Abstract
7= 31 1957 Washington Text of McClellan<= font class=3D"font125736"> Statement on Rackets Headline T080157
Following is the t= ext of the statement read by Senator John L. McClellan, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field, at the openings of today's hearings: Abstract
7= 31 1957 New York TV: A Public Service; Du Mont Presents Exclusive Cov= erage of Senate Labor Racketeering Hearings Headline T080157
THE Du Mont Broadc= asting Corporation, which means lively Channel 5 in New York and station WTTG in Washington, presented an exclusive telecast yesterday of sessions. of the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in... Abstract
8= 1 1957 Washington Hoffa's Union Paid Joe Louis' Hotel Bill; TEAMSTERS = PAID LOUIS' HOTEL BILL Jurors Deny Race Issue Headline T080257
The Teamsters Unio= n picked up the hotel bill of Joe Louis, former heavyweight champion, on his recent visit here to attend the bribery trial of James R. Hoffa. Abstract
8= 2 1957 Editorial LABOR AND ITS FRIENDS Editorial T080257
Who are the friend= s of organized labor and who are its enemies? Chairman John L. McClellan of the Se= nate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field = made a clear statement on this subject on Wednesday at the opening of a new se= ries of hearings. Abstract
8<= /td> 2 1957 Washington LOW-PAID GROUP HER= E FOUND HIT BY UNION RACKET; Witnesses Ted Senators About Exploitation of Labor LOW-PAID GROUP HELD EXPLOITED Bronx Agreement Recalled Headline T080357
A Senate committee= was told today how racket-run unions and certain employers together preyed on thousands of low-paid workers in New York. Abstract
8<= /td> 2 1957 San Francisco HOFFA MAPS DRIVE F= OR WIDER POWER; Plans to Make District Heads More Subservient if He is Named Teams= ter Chief Loss of Power Seen Could Be Different Hoffa Expecting Victory Calls Race 'Wide Open' Plans Early Proposal Brewster Backs Stand Wants Full App= roval Explains Hoffa's Stand Headline T080357
Greater subservien= ce by regional teamster conference heads to the international president of the Teamsters Union was forecast today with the prospective election of James= R. Hoffa as president to succeed Dave Beck. Abstract
8<= /td> 3 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN SCORES H= OFFA MERGER BID; 'Super-Government' Feared if Teamster Combines All the Transp= ort Unions Goldwater Agrees 'Paper Locals' Cited M'CLELLAN SCORES HOFFA MERGER BID Where Did It Land? Headline T080457
Senator John L. McClellan said toda= y that the plan of James R. Hoffa to bring all transportation workers in the cou= ntry into a single union would set up a dangerous "super-government."= ; Abstract
8= 4 1957 Editorial Hoffa Takes Over; Obstacles in Way Seeks Allies Editorial T080457
On Sept. 30 the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which has 1,500,000 members and occupies a strategic position in the nation's economy, will open its annu= al convention in Miami Beach. Abstract
8<= /td> 4 1957 New York EX-AIDE TO STATE D= ENIES RACKET TIE; Marshall Miller Disclaims Any Link to Dio or to Sham Contracts With Unions Democrat Dissatisfied Named Michigan Organizer Headline T080557
Marshall M. Miller= , a New York labor consultant, denied yesterday that he had acted in collusion wi= th crooked union leaders to foist substandard wages on workers. Abstract
8= 5 1957 Detroit REUTHER SEES ERROR; Says Some Senate Witnesses Wrong= fully Mention U. A. W. Citation T080557
8<= /td> 5 1957 Washington UNION 'PRESIDENT' = DISCLAIMS POST; Senate Witness Says He Was Unaware He Headed 'Paper' Local That Aid= ed Hoffa UNION 'PRESIDENT' DISCLAIMS OFFICE Tells of Mysterious Mail Charter Canceled Mayor Calls Meeting Headline T080657
A witness told a S= enate committee today that he had been unaware he was "president" of a phantom teamsters' local that cast its votes for the New York lieutenant = of James R. Hoffa. Abstract
8<= /td> 6 1957 Washington DIO AIDE ACCUSED O= F TERROR MOVES; Frightened Plumbing Official Admits Union Payoffs DIO AIDE ACCUSED= OF TERROR MOVES From Lunch to Strike Questions, No Answers Thrown Into Panic= Headline T080757
A Brooklyn plumbing manufacturer testified today that a close associate of John Dioguardi (Jo= hnny Dio) terrified him in 1954. Abstract
8<= /td> 6 1957 Washington SENATOR SCORES INQ= UIRY LAWYERS; Kennedy Says They Do More Than Advise Labor Clients -Dio Linked = to Payoffs Endorsed Teamster Loan Senator Scores Inquiry Lawyers; Dio Is Aga= in Linked to Pay-Offs Other Developments 'Made an Error' 'Collusion' Called Possible Statement Is Issued Headline T080857
A Senator investig= ating labor-management misdeeds said today that the bar associations should che= ck some of the lawyers who had appeared in the Senate racket hearings. Abstract
8<= /td> 8 1957 Washington DIO PLEADS FIFTH; = HIS VOICE, ON TAPE, TIES HIM TO HOFFA; 2 Wiretaps Used at Senate Hearing Link Racket= eer to Teamster Leaders PHOTOGRAPHER SLAPPED Witness Hits U.P. Man-- Refuses = on Stand Answers to About 140 Questions Dio Pleads Fifth and Is Linked to Ho= ffa Defers to Corallo First Tape Names Hoffa Dio Gives His Name Reason for Questions Headline T080957
Johnny Dio invoked= the Fifth Amendment about 140 times today in a two-hour appearance before a Senate investigating committee. Abstract
8= 9 1957 Washington Plead the Fifth and You Get Your Picture Taken Citation T080957
8<= /td> 9 1957 Washington COST TO RID UNION = OF 3, INCLUDING DIO, IS PUT AT $396,000; Worked to Get Dio Out of Union Cost to Union to Get Rid of 3, Including Dio, Put at $396,000 Departure Semi-Offi= cial Union Orders Clean Up Dio Back in Tombs Headline T081057
The old United Aut= o Workers, A.F.L., paid Johnny Dio $16,000 to get rid of him in 1954, but two other officials got so much more in "severance pay" that they made Dio look like a small-time racketeer. Abstract
8<= /td> 10 1957 Washington INQUIRY TO STRESS = HISTORY OF HOFFA; Rackets Group to Go Beyond His New York Role When Questioning Him = Next U.S. Checking Tax Returns Link to Dio Denied Use of Union Funds Denied Headline T081057
Senator John L. McClellan said tod= ay that Senate rackets investigators planned to spotlight James R. Hoffa's "background" as well as his alleged... Abstract
8= 11 1957 Washington Racketeering Inquiry; NAMES IN THE HEARINGS Citation T081157
8= 11 1957 New York TV'S PUBLIC SERVIC= E; Examples of How It Fills Special Needs Impressive Headline T081157
THE midsummer blig= ht in television programing has been partly relieved by three presentations that were offered to viewers during the last week. All of them were noncommerc= ial, public service telecasts that provided fascinating and informative materi= al for their audiences. Abstract
8<= /td> 11 1957 Washington Dubinsky Affidavit= Denies Dio Served I.L.G.W.U.; Labor Leader's, Statement Says Racketeer Worked for Management, Not Union, in Virginia Garment-Plant Fight DUBINSKY DENIES DIO-I.L.G.W.U.LINK 'Never Laid Eyes on Him' Tells of Phone Talk Headline T081257
David Dubinsky tol= d a Senate committee, in an affidavit that he made public today, that Johnny Dio nev= er represented the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Abstract
8= 13 1957 Washington TEAMSTER SESSION OFF; Board Again Defers Inquiry Into Rackets Charges Citation T081357
8<= /td> 13 1957 Washington SENATOR SAYS DIO K= EPT UNION VOICE; McClellan Believes Racketeer Held Supervisory Position --Doria Activities Scored SENATOR SAYS DIO KEPT UNION VOICE Recordings Are Played Headline T081457
Senator John L. McClellan said toda= y that Johnny Dio "obviously had some kind of supervisory position" ov= er New York locals of a labor union months after he ostensibly had resigned = his post in the organization. Abstract
8= 14 1957 Washington Paper Union Attacks 'Paper' Union Label Citation T081457
8<= /td> 15 1957 Washington TWO RACKETEERS TIE= D TO O'ROURKE; Corallo and Goldstein Said to Aid Teamster Leader-- All 3 Plead= the Fifth Solidified Hoffa's Control TWO RACKETEERS TIES TO O'ROURKE I.L.A. Alliance Cited Voices Identified Floating Crap Game Headline T081657
John J. O'Rourke, = president of the 125,000-member teamsters organization in New York City, invoked the Fifth Amendment today and refused to tell Senate investigators about his union activities. Abstract
8<= /td> 16 1957 Washington HOFFA BID TO DIO O= N UNION CHARGED; Inquiry Is Told of Attempt to Get Racketeer's Local to Join Teamsters Hoffa Tied to Phony Locals Praises Committees Work HOFFA BID TO= DIO ON UNION CHARGED Witness Invokes Fifth Headline T081757
An officer in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters swore today that he had witnessed = an attempt by James R. Hoffa to bring Johnny Dio, New York racketeer, into t= he union. Abstract
8= 17 1957 Man-in-the-News An Unassuming Teamster Headline T081757
MARTIN T. LACEY cl= imbed off the seat of a horse drawn dray in 1903 to accept his first paid office in= the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He has since held a variety of offices, including the $25,000-a-year presidency of New York Joint Counci= l 16. Mr. Lacey gave forthright ... Abstract
8= 17 1957 Washington Inquiry Set to Press Hoffa on Role Here; INQUIRY TO = PRESS HOFFA ON DIO LINK Headline T081857
The Senate rackets= inquiry will finally get down to cases next week with James R. Hoffa, assumed hei= r to the presidency of the teamsters, union. Abstract
8= 18 1957 Editorial Focus on Hoffa; Foe Is Called Editorial T081857
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers is the lar= gest (1,400,000 members) union in the A.F.L.-C.I.O. Its structure is complex. = At the bottom of its organizational chart are more than 1,000 locals that re= ach into Virtually every business and industry in the country. Abstract
8= 18 1957 Editorial PAPER LOCALS" AND POWER Editorial T081857
Last week's healin= gs of the the McClellan committee have given the nation a new view of how phony unions or "p= aper locals" can be used. They also have given James R.Hoffa a lot more to answer for when he takes the stand in Washington this week. Abstract
8<= /td> 19 1957 Washington Top Beck Aide Link= s Hoffa To 'Phony'Teamster Locals; Mohn Concedes Charters Were Issued Irregularly--<= font class=3D"font155736">McClellan Asking f= or $150,000 More for Investigations BECK AIDB LINKS HOFFA TO LOCALS Headline T081957
Einar O. Mohn, Dav= e Beck's righthand man, testified today that James R. Hoffa had "spoken"= to him about issuing teamsters' charters to seven New York locals. Abstract
8<= /td> 20 1957 Washington HOFFA SAYS HE GOT = $120,000 IN LOANS WITHOUT SECURITY; Admits to Senate Inquiry He Received Many Adva= nces --Paid No Interest LISTS $70,000 IN DEBTS Dealt Only With Cash Until This Year--Recounts Wife's Profits in Trucking Deal Testifies 5 Hours Says He = Repaid Union HOFFA TESTIFIES HE GOT $120,000 'Riding in the Clouds' 'I Think You= 're Honest' Headline T082157
Senators investiga= ting James R. Hoffa found today that as a business man he had dealt in hundreds of thousands of dollars without writing a check. Abstract
8<= /td> 21 1957 Washington SENATORS REVEAL HO= FFA BID TO GET DIO IN TEAMSTERS; But Union Chief Insists He Backed Only Taxi Officers --Tape Recording Played Other Evidence Noted $5,000 Donation Listed SENAT= ORS REVEAL HOFFA LINK TO DIO Says Beck Refused Counsel's Argument 'Paid My Ho= tel Bill' Headline T082257
Senators confronte= d Jamee R. Hoffa today with the tape recording of a telephone conversation he had had with Johnny Dio, a New York racketeer. Abstract
8<= /td> 22 1957 Washington BREWSTER GIVEN YEA= R IN CONTEMPT; Teamster Aide Fined $1,000 in Maximum Penalty BREWSTER GIVEN YE= AR IN CONTEMPT Headline T082357
Frank W. Brewster,= Western leader of the Teamsters Union, today received the maximwn penalty for contempt of Congress, a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Abstract
8<= /td> 22 1957 Washington HOFFA IS ACCUSED O= F USING DIO IN BID FOR CONTROL HERE; Senate Aide Says Teamster Official Aided Racketeer Against Own Union RAIDING PLAN CHARGED Wiretaps Show Dio Staged= Cab Strikes to Get Beck to Give Him a Charter Combativeness Gone HOFFA IS ACC= USED OF USING DIO HERE Dio Wanted to Get In 2 Were Inciting Strikes McClellan Charges = Raiding Headline T082357
A Senate investiga= tor accused James R. Hoffa today of using Johnny Dio, a racketeer, to get a foothold for himself in New York. Abstract
8<= /td> 23 1957 6 SENATORS FACE IN= QUIRY ON VIDEO; 'Night Beat' Invites Members of Select Committee-- Novik Back From Europe Report from Overseas John Stearns to A.B.C. Headline T082357
Six Senators and t= he chief counsel of the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field will appear as guests on WABD's "Night Beat" telecast. Abstract
8<= /td> 23 1957 Washington SENATORS ASSAIL HO= FFA'S BEHAVIOR WITH 48 CITATIONS; McClellan Halts Questioning After Teamster Is Unable to Recal= l Jury Spying Hoffa Seems Stunned Implies Hoffa Gave Order SENATORS ASSAIL HOFFA= 'S BEHAVIOR Protest Is Overruled Hickey's Comment Headline T082357
A Senate committee= handed James R. Hoffa today a forty-eightpoint "indictment" of his behavior as a union official. Abstract
8= 23 1957 Washington Text of M'Clellan Statement on Hoffa and Transcript = of Hoffa-Dio Call Headline T082457
Following is the t= ext of a statement by Senator John L. McClellan<= font class=3D"font05736">, chairman of the Select Committee on Improper Activi= ties in the Labor or Management Field, and the transcript of a wiretapped telephone ... Abstract
8= 24 1957 Editorial THE M'CLELLAN INQUIRY Headline T082457
James R. Hoffa, a = vice president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers, may not have been having a good time yesterday = or some preceding days. Abstract
8<= /td> 24 1957 Detroit HOFFA BRINGS END O= F DETROIT STRIKE; Newspapers Printed Again After Pact Made in Long Talks He Dominat= es Picket Line Halts Drivers Headline T082557
The week-long news= paper tie--up here was ended early today a few hours after the personal intervention of James R. Hoffa, high Teamsters Union official. Abstract
8<= /td> 24 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN SEEKS A = PERJURY CHECK ON HOFFA REPLIES; Justice Department to Scan Testimony to See if Ba= sis for Prosecution Exists MEMORY LAPSES CITED But Senator Cites Difficulty in Proving That Teamster Official Was Lying By RICHARD E. MOONEY Special to = The New York Times. Corroboration Required Conviction Is Doubted M'CLELLAN SE= EKS A CHECK ON HOFFA Headline T082557
The faulty memory = of James R. Hoffa will be called to the attention of the Justice Department to see whether it provides grounds for perjury charges against the Teamsters Uni= on official. Abstract
8= 27 1957 Washington SENATE VOTES $150,000; Mc= Clellan Group Gets Extra Funds for Labor Study Citation T082757
8= 28 1957 Editorial ETHICS AND MR. HOFFA Editorial T082857
Senator McClellan's stateme= nt accusing James R. Hoffa of fortyeight "questionable actions" sh= ould be required reading for every delegate to the quinquennial convention of = the International Brotherhood of Abstract
9<= /td> 5 1957 Washington TEAMSTER CHIEFS, A= T LABOR HEARING, DENY CORRUPTION; Beck, Hoffa and Board Tell Ethical Practices Gr= oup Reforms Are Planned Charges Belittled TEAMSTER CHIEFS DENY CORRUPTION Acc= used on 'Phony' Locals Headline T090657
Leaders of the Int= ernational Brotherhood of Teamsters made a long-delayed appearance today before the labor federation's Ethical Practices Committee. They denied charges that = the 1,400,000-member union was dominated by corrupt influences. Abstract
9<= /td> 6 1957 Washington A.F.L.-C.I.O.Chief= s Expected to Defer Teamsters' Ouster; LABOR MAY DEFER TEAMSTER OUSTER Expulsion Is Hinted Sees Federation Surviving Headline T090757
Officials of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. predicted today that, the organization's Executive Council would find the Teamsters Union corruptly dominated but would not propose = the union's immediate expulsion from the federation. Abstract
9= 9 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS ON THE SPOT Editorial T090957
Two items in the news--unrelated on the surface--are pregnant with events to come that may= be far from happy for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters: the union's reply to the charges of corruption brought against it by the A.F.L.-C.I.O. ... Abstract
9<= /td> 13 1957 Washington HOFFA ASKS FAVOR O= N HEARING DATE; Teamster Candidate in Plea to Avert Inquiry Conflict With Union Convention Parley Opens Sept. 30 Headline T091457
James R. Hoffa asked Senate investigators today to c= all him either right away or after Oct. 10. Abstract
9<= /td> 16 1957 Washington INQUIRY ON HOFFA R= ESUMES SEPT. 24; Senate Group Will 'Invite' Teamster Leader--Denies His Request = for Delay Hoffa Asked Delay Headline T091757
Senator John L. McClellan announced= today that Senate investigators would resume hearings next week on the activiti= es of James R. Hoffa, Teamsters Union leader in the Midwest. Abstract
9<= /td> 17 1957 LABOR PREPARES TEA= MSTER OUSTER; Ethical Practices Unit Orders a Report Charging Union Violates Ra= cket Clauses Labor Is Set to Oust Teamsters; Orders a Report on Violations Suspension Likely Report May Be Ready Today Haggerty Endorsed Decision Is Assailed Headline T091757
Labor's Ethical Pr= actices Committee set the stage yesterday for the ouster of the giant Internation= al Brotherhood of Teamsters from the merged labor federation. Abstract
9<= /td> 19 1957 A.F.L. C.I.O. ACCU= SES HOFFA OF AIDING UNION CRIMINALS; Ethical Practices Unit Gives Teamsters Notice = to Purge Leaders or Get Out M'CLELLAN LAUDS GROUP Asserts Hoffa Committed Flagrant Perjury in His Senate Testimony McCle= llan Applauds Action Can't Stay Without Purge A.F.L.-C.I= .O. SCORES ACTIONS OF HOFFA Haven for Delinquents Focus on Hoffa and Dio Disclaimers Dismissed Two Other Unions Assailed Headline T091957
The merged labor f= ederation yesterday accused James R. Hoffa of promoting the interests of a "rogues' gallery" of hoodlums, whose arrest records covered eve= ry crime from robbery to murder. Abstract T091957
9= 19 1957 Editorial FEDERATION VS. TEAMSTERS Editorial T091957
The A.F.L.-C.I.O. = Ethical Practices Committee has now handed the International Brotherhood of Teams= ters an indictment charging it with being under the influence of its officers' corrupt practices--misdeeds now familiar to the entire nation through the= hearings of the Abstract
9= 21 1957 Editorial UNION DICTATORSHIP Editorial T092157
Thirteen courageou= s rank and file members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have raised the issue of labor union dictatorship at a moment of first importance to labor and the public. Abstract
9<= /td> 22 1957 Reuther vs. Hoffa:= A Key Struggle; The two union chieftains are engaged in a battle of philosophies and personalities. The outcome will have a widespread impact on our industrial society. Reuther vs. Hoffa: A Key Struggle Headline T092257
TWO powerful Detro= it union chiefs have become symbols of the clashing forces in an inter-union strug= gle as intense and dramatic as the twenty-year war between the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. Abstract
9<= /td> 23 1957 Washington NEW FUND ABUSES CH= ARGED TO HOFFA; McClellan Says Inquiry Will Show Misuse of $100,000 More of Union's Cash Headline T092457
Senator John L. McClellan said toda= y that his rackets investigating committee expected to show in a hearing starting tomorrow that James R. Hoffa misused between $100,000 and $150,000 of Teamsters Union funds. Abstract
9= 24 1957 Rochester, NY SENATE STUDY DECRIED; Labor Chief Says Union Men Are Denied Proper Hearing Citation T072457
9<= /td> 24 1957 Washington DELEGATE STATUS OF= HOFFA DOUBTED; Senators Challenge Legality of Local's Selection for Teamster Convention Hoffa Defends Loan Headline T092557
Senate investigato= rs challenged today the legality of James R. Hoffa's election as a delegate = to the Teamsters Union convention, at which he hopes to be elected internati= onal president. Abstract
9<= /td> 26 1957 Washington SENATORS GRANT DEL= AY TO HOFFA; Testimony Slated on Eve of Teamsters Convention Put Off Till After Oct. 15 Official Is Excused Questioned on Funds Headline T092757
Senate investigato= rs abandoned plans today to call James R. Hoffa for last-minute testimony be= fore next week's convention of the Teamsters Union. Abstract
9= 27 1957 Editorial MR. HOFFA BOXED IN Editorial T092757
James R. Hoffa is = now in a box. Up to a few weeks ago it seemed sure that he would satisfy his overriding ambition: to be elected president of the International Brother= hood of Teamsters at its Miami convention next month. Abstract
9<= /td> 27 1957 Washington HOFFA UNION TIED T= O DEATH THREAT; Senators Told of Teamster Links to Underworld and Rigged Election Hoffa Busy in Miami Won a Rigged Election Headline T092857
A former officer o= f the Michigan Federation of Labor testified today that the Teamsters Union had used death threats, rigged elections and links with the underworld to bui= ld up power in his state. Abstract
9= 27 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN SCORES NEUBERGER REMARK Headline T092857
Senator John L. McClellan described= Senator Richard L. Neuberger today, as "a little man playing cheap politics." Both are Democrats. Abstract
9<= /td> 28 1957 Washington Hoffa Cited 34 Mor= e Times By Senate Rackets Inquiry; Week's Hearings Summarized SENATORS ACCUSE HOFFA = 34 TIMES Had Option on Project Earlier Charges Recalled Headline T092957
Senate investigato= rs rested their case against James R. Hoffa today with thirty-four new charges. They accused him of manipulating Teamster... Abstract
9<= /td> 29 1957 Washington Mitchell Cautions = Union About Hoffa; UNION CAUTIONED ON HOFFA CHOICE Hoffa Accused Anew Cites Legislative Plans Headline T093057
James P. Mitchell,= Secretary of Labor, said today that the election of James R. Hoffa as president of = the International Brotherhood of Teamsters would probably prompt a public dem= and for more stringent laws to regulate labor. Abstract
9= 30 1957 Washington WARREN WEIGHS ANTI-HOFFA PLEA; Studies Rank-and-File= Suit to Reinstate Injunction Against Election Headline T100157
Chief Justice Earl= Warren considered tonight a request to prohibit the International Brotherhood of Teamsters from electing officers at its convention in Miami Beach this we= ek. Abstract
1= 0 4 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS' DEFIANCE Editorial T100457
The mob scene at t= he Teamsters convention, when the delegates leaped at what Mr. Hoffa called = the chance to tell "the A.F.L.-C.I.O. to go to hell," was a major tragedy for American labor. Abstract
10= 4 1957 Washington CAPITAL EXPECTS NE= W LABOR CURBS; McClellan Calls Hoffa Vote Challenge--Mitchell Sees 'Repressive' Measures Election Standards Mentioned Headline T100557
The election of Ja= mes R. Hoffa today as president of the Teamsters Union was viewed by officials of Government and labor here as an invitation to counter-action. Abstract
10= 4 1957 Miami Beach HOFFA IS ELECTED T= EAMSTERS HEAD; WARNS OF BATTLE; Defeats Two Foes 3 to 1 --Says Union Will Fight 'W= ith Every Ounce' Warns Union Will Fight Winner on First Ballot HOFFA IS ELECT= ED TEAMSTERS' HEAD Credentials Weeded Out No Comment by Meany Headline T100557
The scandal-scarred International Brotherhood of Teamsters elected James R. Hoffa as its president today. Abstract
1= 0 6 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS: WHERE NOW? Editorial T100657
The tumult, the sh= outing and the blaring of Mr. Hoffa's bands have at last died down. The newly elected president--to take office Oct. 15, the day he is to answer indictments for wire-tapping and for perjury-- Abstract
10= 7 1957 Washington Teamster Records P= ut in Incinerator; TEAMSTER PAPERS IN AN INCINERATOR Credentials Subpoenaed Some May Be Turned Over Hoffa Says Papers Are Found Headline T100857
An attorney for the Teamsters Union told Senate investigators last night that subpoenaed documents relating to the election of James R. Hoffa as president had been thrown into an incinerator in Miami Beach. Abstract
1= 0 10 1957 Washington Teamsters Give Convention Records to Senate Inquiry<= /td> Citation T101057
10= 10 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN SEEKS TE= AMSTERS' FILES; Demands Convention Data --Describes Election of Hoffa as 'Scandalous'  Chicago Files Deman= ded Ousted Aide Loses Plea Hoffa Hailed In Detroit Headline T101157
The Senate's racke= ts investigators have demanded all records on the selection of delegates to = the teamsters convention at Miami Beach. All locals of the union in the United States were directed to comply. Abstract
10= 11 1957 Washington TEAMSTER REBELS AS= K COURT TO BAR HOFFA FROM POST; New Yorkers Also Will Bid U.S. Judge Hold Union and Leaders in Contempt SENATORS PROD LOCALS Seek Miami Beach Election Records--Beck Defends Delegates' Seating Committee Seeks Data FOES SEEK TO BAR HOFFA FROM POST Says Decision Was Lawyers' Headline T101157
Thirteen New York = teamsters renewed in Federal District Court today their efforts to keep James R. Ho= ffa from becoming president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
10= 12 1957 New York CURRAN IS SEEKING = N.M.U. POST AGAIN; But Union Leader Will Not Back Any Official Slate --Parley He= re Closes Convention Ends McClellan Committee Hit Headline T101257
Joseph Curran, pre= sident of the National Maritime Union, removed himself from the hurlyburly of inter= nal union politics yesterday but made it plain that he would continue to head= the organization. Abstract
10= 12 1957 Washington KNOWLAND PLANS LAB= OR MEASURES; To Seek Legislative Curbs on Union Leaders as Key G.O.P. Project for 1958 Teamster Data Demanded Breakfasts With President Discounts Speci= al Session Headline T1013657
Federal curbs on t= he abuse of power by labor leaders probably will be a mayor legislative goal of Republican policy makers for the next session of Congress. Abstract
1= 0 14 1957 Washington 2 IN UNION PLEAD 5= TH; Meat Cutters Officials Refuse to Answer Senate Queries Headline T101557
Senator John L. McClellan, head of = the Senate Rackets Committee, said today that two officials of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters Union had invoked the Fifth Amendment in ... Abstract
10= 15 1957 Washington INQUIRY MAPS TAX F= OR VENAL UNIONS; Senators Weigh Plan to End Exemption of Corrupt Units --Hoffa Asks Trial Delay INQUIRY MAPS TAX FOR VENAL UNIONS Kennedy Addresses Editors Locals Fear Penalties Dio Locals Taken Over Adverse Publicity Cited Headline T101657
Senate investigato= rs, concerned over financial abuses by James R. Hoffa and other labor chiefs,= are considering a recommendation to end the tax exemption of unions under cor= rupt leadership. Abstract
10= 18 1957 U.S. LABOR CURBS P= REDICTED BY IVES; Federal Right-to-Work Law Seen as Result of Senate Inquiry's Disclosures Ives to Sponsor Bill Headline T101857
Senator Irving M. = Ives predicted yesterday that efforts would be made in Congress next year to p= ass a Federal "rightto-work" law and other measures designed to curb the activities of labor unions. Abstract
10= 18 1957 Biloxi M'CLELLAN SEES UNI= ON-CURB BILLS; Senator, Speaking in South, Predicts Move for Federal 'Right-to-Wo= rk' Law Sees 'Crooks' Ousted Headline T101957
Senator John L. McClellan said toda= y that he expected a Congressional bill next year to make unions subject to antitrust prosecution, and another for a Federal "right-to-work" law. Abstract
10= 19 1957 Washington SENATORS TO SCAN A= NTI-UNION ACTS LAID TO BUSINESS; McClellan Committee Opens Hearing Tuesday on Illegal Manageme= nt Activities LABOR ADVISER TARGET Hoffa Aides Appear in Court Tomorrow to Defend the Miami Beach Election Testified on Beck Dealings Work Began in February SENATORS TO SCAN BUSINESS CHARGES Shefferman Traveling Headline T102057
Senate investigato= rs set their sights today on anti-union practices by the management of "som= e of the largest companies and concerns in the country." Abstract
10= 22 1957 T.W.U. UNIT LINKED= TO SENATE INQUIRY; Quill and Guinan Imply Philadelphia Local Faces McClellan Investig= ation Views on Senate Committee Headline T102257
Matthew Guinan, secretarytreasurer of the Transport Workers Union, said yesterday that the union's big Philadelphia Local 234 was under Senate investigation. Abstract
10= 22 1957 Washington COMPANY ACCUSED OF= UNION BUSTING; Senate Committee Told That Frozen Food Concern Used Anti-Labor Consultants CONCERN ACCUSED OF UNION BUSTING Concedes Wage Disparity Headline T102357
Senate committee w= itnesses told today how a management consultant had provided "union busting&q= uot; know-how for his clients. Abstract
10= 23 1957 Washington CONCERN DEFENDS IT= S LABOR POLICY; Continental Baking Denies Role in 'Union Busting' at Senate Racke= ts Inquiry Points Made by Committee View by McCle= llan Senator Kennedy Firm Headline T102457
The Continental Ba= king Company protested today that its role in the Morton Frozen Foods case had been misrepresented or misunderstood by Senate rackets hunters. Abstract
10= 23 1957 Washington Judge Sees Hoffa E= lection Plot; Bars an Overseer for Teamsters; Forbids the New Officers to Take Po= sts or Pay Until Trial Decides Issue 'First Time in Memory' Headline T102457
A Federal judge si= gned an order today temporarily barring James R. Hoffa from assuming the presiden= cy of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Abstract
1= 0 25 1957 Washington Text of A.F.L.-C.I.O. Suspension Notice Headline T102557
On Sept. 25, 1957,= the executive council of the A.F.L.C.I.O., having given full consideration to= the report of the Ethical Practices Committee regarding the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, ... Abstract
1= 0 25 1957 Washington Kohler Hearings Slated Citation T102557
10= 25 1957 Washington SEARS LABOR ROLE D= EPLORED BY AIDE AS 'DISGRACEFUL'; Official Tells Senate Inquiry Concern Won,'t Toler= ate Repetition of Acts $239,000 Paid by Sears Coercion Is Deplored Anti-Union Activities by Sears Deplored by Aide as a Disgrace Witness Tells of Drive= Testifies of Pay Cut Headline T102657
An official of Sea= rs, Roebuck & Co. told Senate investigators today that his company and Na= than W. Shefferman's labor relations concern had engaged in "inexcusable, unnecessary and disgraceful" anti-union activities. Abstract
10= 28 1957 Washington Agent Admits Using= Aliases To Fight Union Organizing; Won't Give Data on Yachts ANTI-UNION AGENT ADM= ITS TO ALIASES 'Counseling' Employes Counsel Intervenes Headline T102657
An employer's agent testified today to using aliases when he counseled employes in forming anti-union committees, but denied any wrongdoing. Abstract
10= 29 1957 Washington SHEFFERMAN AIDE IN= VOKES THE 5TH; Won't Tell Senators if He Used Aliases in Fighting Strikes--Balks 38 Times Compliments A.F.L.-C.I.O. Shefferman Aide Invokes the 5th On Tactics Used to Fight Strikes Funeral Trip for Beck 'Deplorable--Disgraceful' Headline T103057
Senate racket inve= stigators encountered today their first "Fifth Amendment witness" on the management side. Abstract
10= 31 1957 Washington MENNEN CHARGES UNI= ON PAYOFF BID; Toiletry Concern Aide Tells Inquiry Dio Man Wanted $15,000 to End St= rike Unaware of Dio's Record MENNEN CHARGES UNION PAYOFF BID Jurisdictional Dispute Headline T110157
A Senate committee= was told today that an officer of Johnny Dio's union offered to call off a strike = at the Mennen Company in 1951 for "around $15,000." Abstract
11= 1 1957 Washington PITZELE REVEALS $1= 5,000 BECK FEES WHILE STATE AIDE; Ex-Mediation Board Chief Tells Inquiry His Checks = Came From Shefferman WAS ADVISER TO UNION Denies Arbitrating in Any Teamster Fight--Ives Chides Him for Role Adviser to Dewey PITZELE REVEALS $15,000 = BECK FEES Ives Voices Surprise Beck Offers a Job A 'Business Basis' Pitzele Had Enough Labor Denounces Press Harriman Explains Headline T110257
Merlyn S. Pitzele = testified today that the Teamsters Union had paid him $15,000 in retainer fees over three years while he was chairman of the New York State Labor Mediation Board. Abstract
11= 2 1957 Washington A.F.L.-C.I.O. TARG= ET RESIGNS AS CHIEF OF TEXTILE UNION; Valente Voices Hope Group Will Stay in Federat= ion --2 More Actions Taken 2 Other Measures Criticizes Members of Council A.F.L.-C.I.O. TARGET QUITS UNION POST N.L.R.B. Curbs Teamsters Headline T110357
The president of t= he United Textile Workers, Anthony Valente, resigned today. He said he was acting to help his union retain its membership in the American Federation of Labor = and Congress of Industrial Organizations. Abstract
11= 2 1957 Washington SENATE INQUIRY FOC= USES ON SOME MANAGEMENT SINS; Rackets Committee Finds That Employers Can Still Ma= ke War on Organized Labor Unions in Disrepute Other Practitioners Not in the Plans Busines Abuses Headline T110357
It has become the = fashion in recent years for the experts to say that management has accepted unions a= nd collective bargaining and to let it go at that. Abstract
1= 1 3 1957 Editorial SPOTLIGHT ON MANAGEMENT Editorial T110357
The McClellan Committee has done a magnificent job in exposing "improper activities" in the "labor field." By means = of public hearings, at which those accused have had ... Abstract
1= 1 4 1957 Washington INQUIRY CHARGES 9 CONCERNS PAID TO KEEP UNION OUT; T= ell of 'Buying Peace' With the Teamsters Union Headline T110557
Nine small busines= s men in one city "bought peace" with the Teamsters Union by hiring Nath= an W. Shefferman's labor relations concern, a Senate committee contended tod= ay. Abstract
1= 1 5 1957 Washington McClellan Text Headline T110657
Following is the t= ext of the statement today by Senator John L. McClellan, chairman of the Select Committee on Improper Activi= ties in the Labor or Management Field. Abstract
11= 5 1957 Washington SHEFFERMAN, SON PL= EAD THE FIFTH; Silent on Senate Charges of Union Busting--McClellan Criticizes Employers  Headline T110657
Nathan W. Shefferm= an refused today to defend himself against a charge that he was a "notorious un= ion buster" who paid union officials to achieve his ends. Abstract
1= 1 10 1957 Editorial Shefferman's Role; Indict Management Editorial T111057
Last spring the Se= nate Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field brought into its hearings the name of Nathan W. Shefferman, a labor relations adv= iser from Chicago. Abstract
11= 12 1957 Washington THUGS IN CARTING K= ILLED TEAMSTER, SENATE UNIT TOLD; Yonkers Union Chief Lays Slaying of Predecess= or to Garbage Racketeers SQUILLANTE ROLE CITED Mc= Clellan Says Anastasia Friend Had Stranglehold on the Indus= try Here Doyle Tells of Threat Yonkers Situation Cited GARBAGE INQUIRY TOLD OF HOMICIDE Headline T111357
Racketeers and uni= ons resorted to homicide and other violence to monopolize the $50,000,000-aye= ar garbage-hauling industry in metropolitan New York, Senate witnesses said today. Abstract
1= 1 13 1957 McClellan on Cart Rackets= Headline T111357
The private sanita= tion industry--collection of refuse from homes and businesses by private carti= ng men--is an important but little-heralded industry in the United States. T= his industry has grown particularly large in Los Angeles... Abstract
11= 13 1957 Washington MAFIA DOMINATES CA= RTING IN CITY, SENATE UNIT TOLD; Reputed Haulage Boss and Nephew Belong to Group. Narcotics Aide Says PERJURY ISSUE IS RAISED Long Island Trucker Calls 2d a Liar in Denying Rigging of Air Force Contract More Evidence Cited Headed Special Squad MAFIA RULE SEEN IN CITY'S CARTING Business Snatched Away He= ld 25% Interest Headline T111457
A Federal narcotic= s agent testified today that he believed New York's crime-ridden garbage pick-up industry was dominated by the Mafia. Abstract
1= 1 14 1957 Editorial WASTE CARTING ABUSES Editorial T111457
Private refuse col= lection in American cities is a line of business that by its very nature seems to in= vite "improper activities" by employers, unions and even government officials. The series of hearings on which the McClellan committee has now embarked have already shown= Abstract
11= 16 1957 Washington STATE WILL MOVE TO= CRUSH RACKET IN CITY'S CARTING; Senate Ends Inquiry as Boss of Union Denies Thr= eat to Acropolis Before Slaying State Is 'Set to Go' Law Violations Seen STATE MAPS DRIVE ON CARTING CRIME Headline T111757
State authorities = are set to close in on New York's crime-ridden garbage pick-up industry, it was announced today. Abstract
11= 17 1957 CARPENTER UNION IS= UNDER INQUIRY; RECORDS SEIZED; Senate Committee's Action Is Expected to Rekindle Political Controversy NEW TEAMSTER HEARING Rackets Investigators Find 150 Cases of Violence in Tennessee in 5 Years No Date for Hearings CARPENTER UNION IS UNDER INQUIRY Lefkowitz Plans Action Headline T111757
Senate rackets inv= estigators have subpoenaed files of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. They refused to say today what they were looking for. Abstract
11= 18 1957 Washington M'CLELLAN WARNS OF= CLEAN-UP LAWS; Says Unions Can't Do Task by Themselves--Insists Dictatorships Must= End Enforcement Needed Referred by G.O.P. Headline T111957
The chairman of th= e Senate's rackets hunting unit said tonight that it would "take some laws"= ; to clean up corruption in labor. He explained that labor could not possibly = do the job by itself. Abstract
11= 20 1957 Washington IVES ASKS 4 SHIFTS= IN U.S. LABOR LAW; Offers Measures on Voting, Funds, Pickets and Unfair Acts of Employer Aides 2 Other Bills Cited Reporting of Funds Asked McClellan Asks Cra= ck-Down Headline T112057
Senator Irving M. Ives proposed four major changes in labor laws today. Abstract
1= 1 24 1957 Editorial NEW YORK; Focus on Underworld Lead on Anastasia? Editorial T112457
Centuries ago in f= eudal Sicily lawlessness was so widespread that landlords put their estates in = the hands of cutthroats able to terrify the frequently rebellious peasantry. = One estate bordered another, and the hoodlums formed an organization. Ultimat= ely it grew powerful enough to turn on ... Abstract
11= 23 1957 New York ROSETTI IS UPHELD = BY LICENSE CHIEF; Garbage Hauler Gives City Replies to Queries He Had Blocked in Sen= ate Hearing Nothing Damaging Found Queried on Stork Club Headline T112457
James Rosetti, pro= minent in New York's garbage collection industry, reportedly has answered questions= put by City License Commissioner Bernard J. O'Connell concerning possible underworld connections. Abstract
1= 1 24 1957 Editorial THE IVES LABOR PROGRAM Editorial T112457
Out of the highly = charged discussion about new laws to deal with labor-union abuses has come at las= t a specific program that commands national attention and respect--that of Republican Senator Irving M. Ives of New York. Senator Ives knows whereof= he speaks, for he is vice chairman of the McClell= an Commitee... Abstract
11= 25 1957 UNIONS SEEK CURB ON INDUSTRY, TOO; Replies to Meany Endorse Anti-Racket Laws Only if They Cov= er Employers  Headline T112557
Labor wants any anti-racketeering laws adopted by Congress to bear as heavily on industry= as they do on unions. Abstract
12= 4 1957 M'CLELLAN WARNS ON= GANGSTER RULE; System of Free Enterprise Seen Imperiled--Senator Gets Tax Fund Awa= rd Headline T120457
Senator John L. McClellan declared = here last night that there was a grave danger that a gangster-controlled econo= my would replace the free-enterprise system. Abstract
1= 2 5 1957 Editorial A.F.L.-C.I.O. CONVENTION Editorial T120557
Today, on its seco= nd anniversary, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations meets in Atlantic City in a convention that rivals the orig= inal merger in its importance to labor and the nation. Seldom in their turbule= nt history have unions faced so hostile a public--due, of course, to the McClellan committee exposures of some of their officers' wrongdoing. Abstract
12= 5 1957 Washington TWO SHOW SCARS OF = LABOR FIGHTS; Non-Teamster Drivers Tell of Shootings--McClellan Scores 'Goon Squads' Many Windows Smashed Tells of = Ambush 2d Driver Testifies Headline T120657
The wounds of two truck drivers bore witness today to violent union operations in a five-state area. Abstract
12= 7 1957 CURTIS SEEKS BAN O= N LABOR ABUSES; Senator Outlines at N.Y.U. Program to End Rackets-- Asks Stronger Controls Headline T120757
Senator Carl T. Cu= rtis, Republican of Nebraska, proposed yesterday a legislative program to end l= abor rackets and corruption. Abstract
12= 7 1957 Washington Dynamiting of a St= ore Followed Teamster Threat, Inquiry Told; Unionist Was Not Questioned by Police, Senators Hear --McClellan Is Caustic Headline T120857
A Senate committee= heard evidence today that tended to link Tennessee Teamster Union leaders with unsolved dynamitings. But the Knoxville District Attorney said the eviden= ce was "only circumstantial." Abstract
12= 10 1957 Atlantic City MEANY SKEPTICAL ON= LABOR CURBS; Eisenhower's Call for More Laws Brings Warning by Heads of A.F.L.-C.I.O. Presidents Back Stand MEANY 'SKEPTICAL' ON LABOR CURBS Headline T121157
George Meany told = the merged labor federatlon today that he was "very skeptical" about many = key provisions of President Eisenhowen's proposals for laws to curb union rackets. Abstract
1= 2 10 1957 Washington 2 TEAMSTER AIDES INVOKE THE FIFTH; Balk at Queries on Violence in Tennessee--Police Admit Reluctance Headline T121157
Two teamster offic= ials named by witnesses as principals in four years of Tennessee labor violence invo= ked today the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Abstract
12= 12 1957 Atlantic City Labor Charges Unfa= irness In Senate Rackets Inquiry; LABOR CRITICIZES RACKETS INQUIRY A speaker Presses the Attack Headline T121357
The merged labor m= ovement today attacked in many particulars--but accepted in principle--the Senate investigation of union racketeering. Abstract
12= 12 1957 Chicago SENATE TO STUDY LA= BOR BOYCOTTS; McClellan Says Racket Unit Also Will Investigate 'Union-Busting' Acts Report to Be Ready Soon Urges Stronger Provision Assailed by A.F.L.-C.I.O. Headline T121357
An investigation of secondary boycotts will be the next major step in the Senate racket heari= ngs, Senator John L. McClellan said tonight. He proposed a set of Federal labor law= s to prescribe standards for union operations. Abstract
12= 12 1957 Atlantic City Text of Labor's Vi= ews on Senate Rackets Inquiry; Pledge Is Quoted Press and TV Trials Charged Principles Reaffirmed Headline T121357
In a statement ado= pted at its meeting in Miami, Fla., in January, 1957, the executive council set f= orth the basic principles underlying the position of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations toward investigations of i= mproper activities in the labor and management fields. Abstract
12= 17 1957 Washington JUDGE MENTIONED IN= RACKET INQUIRY; Tennessee Teamster Local Spent $20,000 to Quash a Case, Senators Told Judge Unable to Attend JUDGE MENTIONED IN RACKET INQUIRY Judge Asks = Time to Reply Teamster Rebel Testifies Headline T121857
A Senate committee= heard evidence today of a reported payoff of $20,000 by a Chattanooga local of = the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Much of the testimony centered on= a Tennessee judge. Abstract
12= 18 1957 Washington Racket Inquiry Lin= ks Judge To 'Fix' in Tennessee Case; Testify Judge Accepted $1,000 TENNESSEE JUDGE= IS LINKED TO A 'FIX' Was Denied New Trial McClell= an's Comment Judge Still Noncommittal Clement Sees a Dut= y Headline T121957
A Senate committee= witness testified today that he had paid $1,000 to have a stolenproperty case aga= inst him "fixed" in a Tennessee court. Abstract
12= 19 1957 HOFFA TRIAL ENDS I= N 11-1 DEADLOCK; Lone Juror For Acquittal in Wiretap Conspiracy Case --U.S. Seeks Rehearing  Headline T122057
The trial of James= R. Hoffa and two other men on wiretap conspiracy charges ended in a disagreement e= arly today. Abstract
1= 2 19 1957 Washington Reuther Protests t= o McClellan On Acts = of Senate Inquiry Aide; End to Wiretap Evidence Asked Headline T122057
Walter P. Reuther = protested today against the "improper and irresponsible activities" of an investigator for the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field. Abstract
1= 2 20 1957 Editorial TEAMSTERS IN TENNESSEE Headline T122057
The double drama o= f Dave Beck's conviction for stealing and James Hoffa's trial for wiretap conspi= racy has tended to obscure equally dramatic matters, also involving the Teamst= ers Union, brought out at recent hearings of the M= cClellan committee in Washington. Abstract
12= 19 1957 Nashville TENNESSEE OPENS IN= QUIRY ON JUDGE; Governor Asks McClellan for All Data Relating to Schoolfield and State $1,0= 00 Payment Reported Judge Remains Silent Senators Get New Leads Headline T122057
Gov. Frank G. Clem= ent of Tennessee initiated all investigation today into the activities of Judge Raulston Schoolfield of Chattanooga. Abstract
1= 2 20 1957 Washington SENATORS TURN OVER RECORDS ON JUDGE Citation T122157
12= 23 1957 Nashville CLEMENT ORDERS INQ= UIRY ON JUDGE; He Asks Full Investigation of Bribery Charges Made Before Senate G= roup Special Session Discussed Secret Data Undivulged Headline T122457
Gov. Frank G. Clem= ent tonight ordered the Tennessee Bureau of Criminal Identification to undert= ake a full-scale investigation of Criminal Court Judge Raulston Schoolfield of Chattanooga. Abstract
1= 2 24 1957 Nashville TENNESSEE BEGINS SCRUTINY OF JUDGE Headline T122557
W.E. Hopton, chief= of the Tennessee Bureau of Criminal Identification, today took charge of an investigation into the conduct of Criminal Court Judge Raulston Schoolfie= ld of Chattanooga. Abstract
12= 27 1957 Chattanooga PAY-OFF IS DENIED = BY SCHOOL FIELD; Tennessee Judge Replies to Charge Made Before the Senate Racket Inquiry Three Main Charges $1,000 Involved PAY-OFF IS DENIED BY SCHOOL FI= ELD 'Well Within Limitations' Sees Bid to Destroy Him Reviews Union Case Jury Foremen Back Judge Headline T122857
Criminal Court Judge Raulston Schoolfield vehemently denied tonight derogatory charges made against him in recent testimony before a Senate committee. Abstract
12= 28 1957 Washington M'NAMARA NOTES 'GE= T-U.A.W.' MOVE; Democrat Asserts G.O.P. Senate Investigators Hope to Discredit Reut= her McGovern's Role Questioned Headline T122957
Senator Pat McNama= ra, a member of the Senate rackets investigating committee, charged today that = some of its Republican members were out to "get" the United Auto Wor= kers Union and the union's president, Walter P. Reuther. Abstract
12= 29 1957 New York PRESS DENOUNCED AT= T.W.U. MEETING; Times, World-Telegram and Post Accused of Seeking Destruction of Union Quill Intervenes Assails Wechsler Headline T123057
Three New York new= spapers were denounced yesterday by leaders of the Transport Workers Union at a u= nion mass meeting in Manhattan Center. Abstract
1= 2 30 1957 Editorial THE SCHOOLFIELD CASE Editorial T123057
Criminal Court Jud= ge Raulston Schoolfield of Chattanooga, onetime segregationist" candida= te for Governor of Tennessee, is in the news because of serious charges made against him before Senator McClellan's<= font class=3D"font05736"> Select Committee on Improper. Activities in the Labo= r or Management Field. Abstract
1= 2 30 1957 Washington Attacks Called Local Matter Citation T123157
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